Many New Species Discovered In The Amazon (Purring Monkey?)

I stumbled across this story here: 

The Science Daily piece was about a purring monkey, which got my attention. Then I decided to investigate the source (which I will often do if I am compelled to write about something I see on a website) Which led me to this story:

The second link has a slideshow of several of these new species and well worth looking into. It is amazing how much we learn about our surroundings on a daily basis. We are talking about over 400 new species uncovered in the last few years. I cannot imagine how many days of slogging through what must be very difficult terrain and miserable conditions, it must have taken to find all of these species. I envy those who have the tenacity to do these things.

If you like seeing new creatures only recently discovered, I strongly suggest reading the Science Daily piece first, then go to the site for the pics. Which…by the way, is yet another site I will be addicted to. 

The bad news is, many of these new species are already considered endangered, deforestation the main cause, and there are concerns about potential dam sites as well. The constant pursuit of profit will be the undoing of our planet, and probably life as we know it. Just give it time. 



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