Still Learning This Word Press Thing

I only just now discovered the little “thought box” button. It magically displays all of the comments and replies to comments!There were comments I made months ago, and forgotten. Replies to my comments I did not know existed. I feel like I just hit the scratch off lotto ticket for 50 bucks! Hell I didn’t even know I had any followers…yay! 

I try to be a presence here at W.P. and participate in the thoughts and comments of blogs here that interest me. There are a lot of good blogs here, I have I think 24 blogs I follow here as well as elsewhere and a few not shown, for odd reasons. For instance I could not get the Bad Astronomy blog to show up, except as a generalized Slate blog thing that included other blogs besides B.A. So that one isn’t showing up till I figure that out…also I havent figured how to list the blogs in the “Blogs I Follow” widget in any sensible order, I can list them alphabetically in my reader, but not in the widget. Oh well…

Still learning the ins and outs of this thing and enjoying the ride. Glad to know a few are along for the trip. Thanks.

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