Good Luck With That… (Pope Warns Church on Divisive Rules on Abortion, Gays)

If ever there was a sign that religion is losing its grip on society, I’d take this as one. Effectively this article admits the faults of the church over the years, being heavy handed and showing no signs of empathy for fellow man. Regarding all of our social differences, sexual orientations or personal necessities based on cultural or circumstantial situations… and maintaining rule with an ironclad cross as the expected way to run its business.

So this Pope is calling for them to tone it down a notch, for fear of losing more of its hold on its followers. From what I understand, from my travels in internet land, it is no well hidden secret that x-ian sects have been on a steady decline for some time. I see this as a band aid, trying to patch up a foot long gash. Or in other words, too little, too late. 

I strongly doubt that this new line of thought will take hold anytime soon. Those in the church, with their supposed authority, aren’t likely to give in to this newfangled way of thinking, it just goes against the trend they have already set for themselves. It would be like asking an old style executioner to stop sharpening his axe, they are moving to a new mode of killing, with butterflies instead. I just don’t see it happening, without first there being a change in the status quo. 

Too much blood on the ground, too many millions dead at the hands of religion. Too many raped children. Too many abused. Too many scandals. Too much denying of inconvenient facts that contradict their beliefs. Too many lies and cover ups. Too much of all of it and more, for this little band aid to make much of a difference, even if they could get this kind of change to take place within their ranks.

The best change we can all hope for, is for religion'(s), all of them, is to die the slow painful death they deserve. Sooner, better than later. 




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