Victory For Democracy

I am in awe this morning, I went to bed last night knowing that Wendy Davis, a Texas senator was doing her best to filibuster a Republican thug abortion bill. Watchful Republicans eyed her filibuster closely, looking for rules violations to end the filibuster. After they got a third strike, they called an end to the process two hours short of the midnight deadline. The thugs quickly called in their group for a vote, and voted. At some point however a huge crowd on hand began chanting “Let her speak” and later “Hell no we won’t go” which caused a bit of pandemonium that caused the signing of the bill, to be too late. Victory for democracy. People were heard. People did not back down from asshole rethuglicans that want to strip away women’s rights. People with just and moral values made themselves known to the theocratic oppressors.

Today I am proud to be an American, and proud to have been born in Texas. I am very pleased that the system can be nudged against all odds, and that Wendy Davis had the courage and the tenacity to stand up for what she believed in, and for her constituents. There is no rest for the weary however, I am sure the Republicans will not let this go, and likely plan to have another go at it soon. They aren’t real good at being humbled. So, be prepared for round two. 

It seems all you hear from Texas these days is how religion has infected everything, dumb ass R’s saying stupid things, or even their not so bright governor proving his ignorance time and again, it paints a cloudy picture for Texas. It makes one think there aren’t any people there with the ability to chew gum and walk at the same time…but I guess there are some good people in Texas, I only hope they do more to make themselves known, and stand up in their communities, and get elected to high offices, and continue the good fight. Maybe it isn’t time just yet to flush Texas down the crapper…


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