Talk About Missing The Point

Judge in Montana rules that a Jesus statue can remain on federal land. Apparently this statue has been there for 60 years, and that is basically the reason this judge allowed it to stay despite the best efforts of the FFRF. (Freedom From Religion Foundation)

Here is the money quote from this judge :”The statue’s secular and irreverent uses far outweigh the few religious uses it has served. The statue is most frequently used as a meeting point for skiers or hikers and a site for photo opportunities, rather than a solemn place for religious reflection,”

…what about the fact that is obviously a religious idol, representing the Catholic groupThe Knights of Columbus? On FEDERAL land? Did that little trinket of information go in one ear and out the other? There is this thing in our constitution that the religious right, representing whatever particular cult they happen to belong to, love to trample on. It is called the Establishment Clause, which clearly proclaims that no government institution can or should endorse any religion in or on public land.

Flathead National Forest, is a fine example of government land. A god damned Jesus statue is obviously representative of several religious cults. The way I see it, the math comes out quite differently from this judge. Anyone with a functioning rational mind, should be able to see this is flat out wrong. According to the article the FFRF is planning to appeal.  I do hope common sense wins out. Given the amount of religious extremism infested in politics these days, I won’t be holding my breath.

…article here:

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