Lesbian Student Expelled in Omaha


It’s a X-ian school by the way, nuff said, except the part where they are demanding six thousand dollars for not completing her courses. I would like to think if you kick someone out and then charge them with not completing the course, that the responsibility would fall upon the school for kicking her out. But my logic surely conflicts with any religious ‘logic’ on every level.

What really struck me sideways is this quote “Grace University’s code of conduct for its students is strict: No kissing, no prolonged hugs and certainly no premarital sex. The school even monitors students’ television habits, forbidding HBO, MTV, Comedy Central and several other channels “because of the values they promote.”  That is just a stones throw away from the god-damned Taliban. Make no mistake, if the religious right had the power to do so, this is the kind of ‘policy’ we would all be living under. 

Also note, they made her partake in what I can only think of as some religious re-conditioning, with,  and I quote: “months of church attendance and meetings with Christian mentors, spiritual advisers and other groups.”  This was a condition that had to be met before they would allow her to continue with school, after the lesbian affair came to light. Then they turned right around, expelled her, and charged her for not completing the course.

X-ians, persecuting people for 2000 years.

…I have got to stop reading the damn news, every day it seems there is another story about religious fuckwits doing religious fuckwittery, or cover ups concerning kiddie diddling priests, or faith healers killing their kids, or some school board infiltrated by right wing asshats trying to get religion taught in public schools, or religiously motivated bombings, killings, stonings, beheadings, etc etc etc. 


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