So It Took An Expert To Figure This Out?

Headline: Dying woman should have got Irish abortion

Well since an expert has weighed in on the matter, I guess we can all relax…right? How in the hell does it take an expert to make such an easy call as this one? Yes, she should have had an abortion, the fetus was dying, and killing the mother in the process. The problem here, is she was in a CATHOLIC hospital. That means NO abortions, NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES, you know because of the bible or baby Jeebus, or something.

This woman died because of religious doctrines that supercede morality? I would assume the moral thing to do would be to save the one that could be saved, and let the one that could not be saved, go. It is a natural process dying, it happens. It is unfortunate but in this case instead of being a singular tragedy, it was doubly so…  I was led to believe religion supposedly had the market cornered on morality, guess I was mistaken.

The article goes on to mention that certain things that should have been looked at, were not, things were missed. Again, I venture to say they were missed, because from the very beginning, no thought was given to save the mother, all efforts were geared towards the fetus. Why? Same as above. Catholic hospital, and the doctrines that go with it. If the church, any church or representative thereof, is going to convince anyone with a rational mind that they have morality on their side, they got lots of splainin to do.

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