In a hurry was I to get my

In a hurry was I to get my 1st blog post up. I suppose I should have started off with a hearty hello, and welcome to my new world. Evidence Based Reality.

I have long been appreciative of science, I was a young lad, and watched with much enthusiasm the Apollo moon landing, I saw Cosmos at some point, and of course was a Star Trek fan. Growing up with black and white sci fi movies, that haunted my dreams at night, and looking at the moon with a pair of Jason 7×35 binoculars my aunt gave me for x-mas are fond memories of my youth.

As a kid, I was smart enough to do well in school, and held my own with the nerdy kids. I also was boy enough to hang out with the wild bunch, that roamed the streets and the infamous “woods” that was close by. Safe to say I could enjoy both worlds without being completely ostracized by either group.

As an adult, I’m married, 2nd time around, have kids from both marriages, I love em all, and also safe to say, my wife of the 2nd time around is a good un : )

I love astronomy. I have 4 telescopes of varying sizes and design, and 3 or 4 pair of binoculars ranging from smaller hand held, to large bins that require mounting. I’m also fond of classic cars, music, I play guitar..quite well, and good food, and good drink are welcome companions.

Enough about me, just another life form among the many on this wonderful planet we call home. Nothing special, I reckon. I can only hope my jump into the blogosphere is as good an idea in the end, as it seems in the beginning.

I don’t expect to be a widely read blog, if anything this is merely a place for me to vent. When you live in a redneck infested zone, full of RWCRFM’s (Right Wing Conservative Republican Fundamentalist Morons) it is difficult to strike up a conversation about anything except dogs, guns, trucks, and that damn “N” word president we have, that is ruining our country and “may be the devil”  It is impossible to to have an intelligent conversation with anyone here, I’m not sure but maybe the population here has an IQ approaching the 90’s overall, and a rare few show the ability to think critically, and most just keep parroting the same old crap they hear their daddy’s say, or what they hear from Fox News, without taking a moment to even think about “what” they just said. Then the expected response is to nod approvingly, and backslap each other with a big grin and a “yee haw”. I swear I do not belong in the same clade as these people! Indeed, this is my place to vent, and to speak freely about what is important to me.

As I still have a couple of kids that go to school ’round here, I will keep my name to myself for now, lest the local populace decide to do the x-ian thing and persecute my kids, because I claim no alliance to their idiotic ways.


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