The Camden Chronicle. Camden Tn., and far closer to home than I would prefer.  A small town newspaper, not exactly news worthy stuff usually. The common small town fare that no one really cares about, except maybe graduating students parents, or any one interested in local events.

For many years I have done my best to avoid this publication. What contact I have had with it has generally left me feeling more STUPIDER for reading it than I was to start with, and the paper my wife brought home today is no exception. Indeed one of the stupidest things I have ever read was wedged in between its pages this fine day. (Thursday May 23rd 2013 edition, editorial page of all places)

In order for anyone to completely grasp the extent of the stupid, I am going to have to type this ignorant sludge word for excruciating word. I do hope there is a good place for those who must endure this kind of self abuse. Here we go, proudly authored by a Mr. Randy Reed, and my interjections will be in italics.

Titled: The Most Important Book in the World

The worldwide flood of Noah’s day, boy what a wonderful and important subject! (if you say so) The bible definitely teaches a literal, worldwide flood. Genesis 7 says “all the high hills that were under the whole heaven were covered.” It also says, “fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail and the mountains were covered.” (well now, off hand calculations tell me that 15 cubits would be about 20 feet or so? If that’s the case them thar is some awfully small mountains Jethro, and that depth would be consistent with localized floods recorded all over the globe, by many different cultures) Any American needs only to look at the Grand Canyon and clearly see evidence of a worldwide flood. (best I can tell, nearly of the geologists of this era are under the general consensus that the earth is indeed a few billion years old, and the Grand Canyon was formed over possibly many millions of years, and NOT the result of a single catastrophic incident)

By the way Scientists really see flood evidence everywhere. (no, they don’t. There are evidences of localized floods in many areas, but no evidence whatsoever of a world wide Noah style flood) Its a matter of choosing to admit what they see and also all the bible truths that follow if they choose to admit the flood. (Ohhh, the trope spewed out by the likes of AIG? Same evidence, different interpretations? I have heard somewhere a saying, that “you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts” ) Second Peter (Second Peter…whut?) says that they are “willingly ignorant” of the flood. So many evidences are there! The scientist (so called) says that several “stratums” of the earths layers are hundreds of thousands of years apart. (Them stupid scientists, they don’t know nuthin, and they surely cant be trusted) Then, they find a tree preserved straight up through several stratums (and most of these trees they find don’t have roots, showing they were violently yanked out of the ground and set back down.) (you have been reading that widely discredited book by assistant professor of psychology Dr Paul D. Ackerman, PhD, haven’t you?) These type problems are called “problematica” (big word huh) meaning they don’t know how to explain it. ( I got a funny feeling even though you stated the definition, you might be having trouble with it, and most likely copied and pasted it without know…looking it up) Then they find a metal spike in a stratum supposedly way before mans time. They call these “geological leaks”, meaning another sign of the flood, which we choose to ignore. (citation needed)

In 1976, a quarry digging crew out west found an 80 foot long whale standing on its’ tail preserved! Explain that without a worldwide flood! These things go on and on. We see then, that Glob (yes, I changed the deity reference with a children’s cartoon replacement) judged this whole world once for forgetting Him. It will happen again, according to scripture. This time it will be by fire. Are you ready for blah blah freaking blah….(end story)

Ok, after some Googling I found both the upright tree and the upright whale fossil thing, are indeed discredited pseudo science published by Dr Paul D. Ackerman, note there is a PhD after this guys name. In what area did he get his education?…psychology. Now how is it a PhD in psychology qualifies you to be an expert in geology?

Any way, what we have here, is a futile attempt to use pseudo science to bolster biblical claims. All I can think at this point is, if you are so sure of your faith, why in the hell do you feel the need to back it up with total nonsense? If your faith is so certain, it should stand on its own, with no need for fake science to support it. The recent association of pretend science, supposedly demonstrating biblical factoids, is surely a curious occupation. One might think that modern science with all of its unfortunate facts, leading to testable, repeatable outcomes, might make people start wondering why this? ..and why that? “We cant be having them learnin stuff! So..hey Jeb, hows about we make up our own science to keep em stupid?”

Recommended reading: (Grand Canyon)

..and if you are brave enough: ..both the tree and whale thing are covered here. Look about halfway down the page for “Poly- Strata Fossils”

as well as…from the above link,  thorough coverage of the upright whale story:

And here…more interesting discussion: ..the whale.. … the trees

If you dare to check out the Rosa Rubicondior blog, be sure to investigate the rest of the “How creationists lie to us” series. It gives a comprehensive slap down of our PhD’s book of “derr”…

I generally don’t give a hoot one way or another what fables, folklore, mythologies or religions people subscribe to. However when they have to resort to half truths, lies, misrepresentations, quote mines and unsupported make believe science, to lend credence to their beliefs, that is dishonest. Dishonesty by its devious nature, at some point, requires some sort of illumination, don’t you think?

Now, I will end by saying I know not whether Mr. Randy Reed is merely regurgitating invalid pseudo science here, or if he is aware that the very misleading, so called information he is getting, is corrupt. Either way, I recommend a little more digging before publishing this kind of garbage, lest you make a fool of yourself.

Also, worth mentioning is the pure simplicity of copying and pasting uninvestigated nonsense versus the time consuming and irritating necessity, of showing its fictitious underpinnings.


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