I Cant Say I’m Surprised….

The Texas overlords managed to push their anti abortion legislation through, despite the protests of many who opposed the bill. This effectively kills accessible abortion (5 clinics of an existing 42 can meet the new standards, Texas is a BIG state) in Texas, making it all but impossible for all but a very few clinics to live up up the limitations set forth.

This basically strips many women of what should be an autonomous right to make decisions based on the knowledge of their personal circumstances, whatever that may be. Instead of doing what the Rethugs claim, which is to “protect life” this will effectively force desperate women with no place to turn, to seek very dangerous alternatives. When you consider the fact that these are religiously motivated Republicans, it is no wonder they cannot see the trees for the forest, and common sense isn’t. An all too true circumstance of those infected with religion…

This is a sad day for Texas women. A sad day for women all over this country. There is only one way to fix situations like this, and that is to do your best to clean out every R house and senate chair every time there is an election, continue to protest this kind of nonsense every time it is forced upon us, and failing these scenarios… beat them in court. I am sure there will be a court battle over this eventually. I do hope that good sense prevails over what I perceive as the totalitarian dictators that are otherwise known as the Texas Republicans.

Today, I spit in the general direction of Texas.