I Saw a Rocketship Today!

I went diving today, my first day of the year. Hid from the wind on my first dive, then the wind calmed down and I wound up going in circles. Low production. Had lunch, moved to another spot and jumped in, much better shells here, did pretty good in a short while. Helped make up for a slow start. Still a light wind, low current, and it’s hard to keep yourself where you know you are at when it’s like that.

Anyway, came up from my second dive after getting 2 pretty good sacks. As I got in the boat I saw an ENORMOUS sea capable boat motoring upriver. I knew I HAD to get a pic of this thing. I had 2 sacks in the water still, had to get them in the boat, one of the pics you can see one of my floats, which has a bag of shell tied to it.

So, I’m supposed to grade my shells and dump the culls back where I find them. But I HAD to get those bags in the boat and chase that thing down for some closer pics. It was moving in the direction I had to go to get to my truck anyway, so I pulled the bags and got moving. It was moving at a pretty good clip, it had gone a fair distance by the time I was ready to chase it down. That ship I figured it every bit of 300′ long, 90′ wide and probably 50′ from the waterline to the bridge. It’s huge.

I caught up with it and managed to get a few pics. When I was close enough I could make out the name.


This was what I saw when I came up from my dive. My float lower left. Click on the pics they will enlarge.

This was coming alongside. Crappy phone pics…

And this is a bow shot. That’s my bimini top at the bottom, stowed. You can barely make out the name on the bow of the ship. That guy in a chair there just above the life boat, we waved at each other ๐Ÿ™‚

For such a huge vessel the damn thing was easily running 25 mph. and not even breaking a sweat. The wheelwash, (agitation of the water from the props, a.k.a screws,) was minimal, which was I thought unusual. I could tell it was a twin screw, but very little wheelwash at all. Also for a monster of a ship, this thing was not peeling off a huge wake. I was very damn impressed. I see 30-40′ pleasure cruisers all the time, those assholes don’t give a damn about a diver down flag, or any other boat on the water, or how the enormous wake they are peeling off will affect us badly. One of them sum bitches sunk me once. When I was down! Long story. I don’t recall doing an Old Diver Tales on that… Maybe I did? Need to look lol.

So, I got home, first thing I had to do was look this vessel up. Bingo! She is an aptly named vessel. This rig hauls rockets used for space launches! How cool is that?