Ugly People And Trust

I thought this was kind of interesting. A study shows that children as well as adults are less likely to trust ugly people. The study was a two step process where our groups of children and adults, were exposed to 200 photographs of male faces with neutral expressions and a direct gaze. There were two tests spaced a month apart. The first test was based upon how participants judged how trustworthy the people were.  The second test a month later, was based upon how participants judged attractiveness.

The studies were cross referenced and they found that both groups judged that the faces thought to be more trustworthy were also thought to be more attractive. The study showed that this phenomenon was stronger in the adults.

So apparently, and I guess I knew this already, that we all tend to make snap judgements based upon how people look. Now I know from life experiences that you can’t always judge a book by its cover, but again I think we all have this tendency to some degree. It is part of our human existence. A trait we all share regardless of its attractivenes or lack thereof.

I can tell you I have met people I did not trust the moment I met them. I can also tell you I have met people who did not trust me at all right off the bat as well. I therefore, based upon this study, must assume I am ugly 😉

Children less likely to trust ugly people