Welcome To The Orwellian Nightmare

I guess Mike Pence, our lying YEC vice president, has been busy. I can’t imagine where else this list of banned words for the CDC came from.


What is it that the Republicans and the ultra conservatives that drive them, could be afraid of with things like “evidence based” and “science based?” I’ll tell you what. Them persnickety facts have always been a thorn in the side of conservatives because they show religion to be the fraud that it is. Simple as that. They cannot stand the fact that the facts are contrary to the claims in their magic books.

You can run and hide from words I suppose. But the facts will always be the facts. Hiding from them shows what cowards they really are.

Wasn’t too long ago they banned “global warming” because it was too scary or something. Heads in the sand are very small minded people.

Other words on the ban list are fetus, transgender, diversity, entitlement and vulnerable. Pathetic sons of bitches.