A Fantastic Resource!

At the suggestion of a noble friend, /waves @ Mak, I started a journey into Robert Ingersoll’s world. Starting at that point where we all tend to, the mighty Wiki I found a link to what is called “The Open Library” Therin a compilation of Ingersolls works of which I hastily gobbled up 40 pages before I realized this resource must be shared. With no further ado:

https://openlibrary.org/ Edit: This next link takes you directly to the series I have been reading and commenting on.


This one is worthy of a bookmark high on the bookmark list! So far there have been no attempts to pry any $ from my pockets, no credit card requirements, I do hope that remains to be the case. Although I already feel a little guilty for taking advantage of the resource. Not so much yet to want to open the wallet, but hey you never know.

Edit: After my initial enthusiasm for this site, in freely reading Ingersolls works, I thought I’d try a search for something more modern, and quickly found its limitations. It appears that only really old stuff is made easily accessible. Or that which has been perhaps released by the author or publisher to hit the free market. Still trying to figure out what’s what here, but it is still promising, at least for a while 🙂

There are indicators such as “Daisy”, which looks like audio recordings for the deaf. “Borrow”, for books that you can actually borrow for a couple of weeks, and precious few “Read”, which are instantly available.

 EDIT : This post and its comment content are kind of a carry over from the Quote of the Month, so it might be more contextual to take that into consideration. I must apologize for such a post that required so many edits. But when you venture into a new area of study, in a new and strange land, it takes you places you did not see coming.