Catholic Bishop Removed (Wait For It…) For Sexual Abuse Of Children

This was back in Sept, so maybe you have heard about it. I’ve had this in my draft file for some time. I have no idea why I haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. Perhaps I would really like to cling to some sort of hope that humanity isn’t doomed, I don’t know. My original link has gone dead, but I found the same story here:

Here we go again, another Catholic Priest, excuse me…a Bishop was caught diddling the children. Not a lot of details in the story yet, I don’t know if I want to know how many kids were abused at the hands of this criminal. I just want it to stop.

I am beginning to believe that to become a Catholic priest you must meet a prerequisite of being some kind of pervert. There must be some kind of secret pervert handshake, or wink or something, that gets you an automatic position as a priest.  At least this time the guy was identified, and released from his duties. Reversing the historic trend to sweep it all under the rug and relocate the PoS to some other location to do it all over again. I suppose this is progress, but I fear that for every one of these situations that comes to light, a dozen more go unreported.

A few questions if I may. Where is this supposed high ground that religion holds? I would really like to know. When will people stop making excuses for these lowlife criminals, wake up, and give them razing over the coals and time behind bars they deserve? When will it become not okay to be a child raper? When will people stop pointing fingers at the abused and put the blame where it belongs? When does respect for the perceived authority of religion give way to the reality that so many of their appointed officials are pedophiles?  I say this a lot unfortunately: How many cases will it take? I want the number. How many fucking cases like this must be exposed, for the Catholics, or any religion, it isn’t just the Catholics…when does it get to the point where the people in the pews say..”you know, I think this is where I say enough is enough?”…and walk out to never return. What will it take? What keeps them willfully returning to the trough of abuse, and offering up their children as a sacrifice?

Somebody tell me. Because I honestly can’t figure it out. Wilfull ignorance? A belief that “it could never happen to my children?” The notion that the devil made them do it? Those nasty little kids were asking for it? Is there a plan in place to start the rumor that “it’s just another case of someone wanting to sue the church?”  That way people can just file it away as insignificant, and “it won’t happen to them?”  Is it viewed as some sort of “test of faith?” Is it perhaps possible that people are so dense that it is a combination of all of these things? Of all the things that I just do not understand about how the mind of a creationist works, this is probably the biggest question, with all of the evidence at hand, with a high number of frequency, priests are raping your children. Why do YOU continue to allow it to happen? Is the supposed saving of ones soul and eternal happiness jive, more important than your child being bent over in the back room? Also, in what scenario does your child get to be in a (no pun intended) one on one relationship with the priest?

Too many questions, not enough answers.