Duck Dynasty HooHaw

First let me say this, there is no such thing as reality TV. What is called reality TV is usually based on a few people who sometimes have interestting jobs, or otherwise uninteresting redneck habits, usually both. These people are approached by the cable networks to “star” in reality programs. The people who buy into this gig are given a script to follow, and are often encouraged to engage in or play up some kind of damn drama situations. These episodes are directed and edited in a way the big wigs in the cable co. deem appropriate and voila! You have so called reality TV. Bullshit. Want to know how I know that? I have had one of these interesting jobs for decades, and have to admit some redneck habits for a large portion of my life. Reps from the Discovery channel contacted a friend of mine, they came to town, we drove these guys around in my truck and they shot various scenes and did interviews with guys associated with the job. They created what’s known as a “sizzle reel” which is a teaser to get get the cable companies to bite on the show. The company bit, and they shot a pilot. I wasn’t in the pilot…but I have no hard feelings about that, especially knowing the things I know. I found out from my friends who were in the pilot they had a script to follow. There was the guy with the unruly son, the guy supposedly teaching the new girl that looks cute in tight pants the ropes, and a genuine dumbass redneck or two to do dumbass redneck stuff. Again, no such thing as reality TV. (So far Discovery has yet to air this pilot, for reasons unknown. I hope that someone somewhere finally said “don’t we already have enough stupid redneck TV already?”)

Now my point here, is this Duck Dynasty show is basically a bunch of damn goofy goofs who make duck calls, have a popular “reality” show, and one of them in an interview spouted some hateful anti gay comments. The cable co. involved dropped the guy. I say good. We are at a point socially where we are beginning to respect other people in this country regardless of whether or not they conform to some ideology or another, and it’s about damn time. Gays have the same rights as the rest of us. It isn’t any of my business what consenting adults do in their spare time. It’s none of my business if these people happen to love each other and want to express that love by getting married. It’s non of my damn business, and its certainly none of Mr. Duck Dynasty’s (MDD) business. It apparently is the business of RWCRFM’s (Right Wing Conservative Republican Fundamentalist Morons) all over the country to come to the defense of MDD.

I have seen case after case of RWCRFM’s decrying MDD’s release from the show. I have seen that other cast memebers are threatening to boycott the show. I have seen fricking Sarah Palin on the boob tube spouting some nonsense about MDD’s remarks being ‘the gospel’. Why in the hell is she still relevent in any way? Why in the hell does some 2000 year old book of still hold sway over people today? Why is it every time some idiot spouts some hateful discriminatory remarks, and gets called out on it, the RWCRFM’s all jump up and down thumping those bibles?  

Discrimination against gays, or people of color should not be tolerated. Rushing to defend the actions of someone that crosses that line should be frowned upon, using some religious text as an excuse to discriminate or otherwise abuse anyone that doesn’t fit a certain cults expectations should be against the law, and Sarah Palin should be relegated to the dustbin of obscure misfit quitters, because nothing worth listening to, is the only thing she has to offer. A RWCRFM defined.