I Don’t Need No Stinking Quantum Computer

I already have one…


With a name Like Trinity College, I had to go look and make sure this wasn’t some silly creationist “school.” It appears to be legit. However it’s history does show it began as a Catholic monastery which had been later been disbanded by Henry the VIII when it was decided to “dissolve,” monasteries. Later yet the site was appropriated for use as a tool of higher learning.

Another nifty factoid, Catholic heiarchy had banned their followers from attending Trinity college for many decades. No doubt from fear they might actually learn something. 😉 Which seals the deal for me, I think this is a legit college teaching legit science.

I also think it may be a tad early to start running around declaring we have quantum brains, but it is an intriguing thought. Only time will tell where this one goes.

Cool Factor 10

Quantum teleportation? Yes, really. Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen have improved upon a quantum teleporter they developed in 2006. By directing a laser, that somehow has been loaded with some kind of information (yes, the details don’t offer a lot of detail) from one glass chamber, with a magnetic field, to another glass chamber with a magnetic field, the laser sends the info to the second container. Apparently the results are perfect every time, meaning no loss of information at all through the process.

Now what I want to know is, what kind of information exactly is being sent? A recipe for grandma’s rhubarb pie? A picture of someones cat? Details man, details.

The next big question is, how far are we from being able to digitize say a coffee cup? Then load that digital info into the laser, and have our very own sci-fi flick? That’s the first thing that popped into my head after reading this. The next logical step of course is being able to digitize living tissue, then full blown living breathing critters. Just make sure there aren’t any flies in the room, we already know what happens then.

You know I have to say it…”Beam me up Scotty”  Of course tech like this is far from reality, all jokes and silliness aside, this is really neat stuff. I am anxious to see where it goes. The very last sentence of the article tells us the real life expectations:   “The stable results are an important step towards the quantum communication network of the future.”   No matter how you slice it, this is cool stuff, with very cool possibilities.