Weirdness on the Internet

I am used to internet ads on the sites I visit often being related to a Google search or a website I was at, or a topic discussed somewhere. You know, if you say… look at a telescope on a vendor site, you are hounded by telescope ads everywhere you go. I get that. I have come to terms with it.

Yesterday I was replying to a post on a blog about of all things, scents. A word I was going to use, and was unsure of how it is spelled, prompted me to type in “po pourri” in a Google search, knowing that my guesstimate of a word I seldom use let alone have need of typing, would be self corrected by Google and a link would probably pop up with the correct spelling. Here is the kind of links that popped up. Ads for:


Now every page I visit, has these stupid Poo Pourri ads on them. Next time I will use: 

Live and learn.