# March For Our Lives

I was walking through the living room, the wife was on the couch, vacuum cleaner turned off in the middle of the room, and she was riveted to the boob toob. I looked to see what she was watching, it was the children speaking at the rally in D.C. I couldn’t help but stop and take in some of this myself.

I was amazed at the ability of these youths to speak so eloquently, so truthfully, so passionately, so enthusiastically, I was both proud and at times wiping a tear from my eye, from what I was witness to. That these kids have become the adults in the room, and are taking on Congress, R’s in general, and the NRA, in such a convincing fashion, makes me again proud to be an American.(it should also be noted that any and every one of these children are better speakers than our orange idiot of a president)

These kids are what our politicians should be. These kids I hope incite a political pushback against Congress, R’s in general, and the NRA, that not only stands the test of time (and it will need to) but is strong enough to encourage sensible gun restrictions that honestly should have been done a long time ago. Mass murder after mass murder, after mass murder. Thoughts and prayers ad infinitum, lots of tongue wagging, and zero action from our elected officials. The time has come for CHANGE.

No child should be in fear of a crazed gunman killing them and/or their friends when they are at school. That simple fact seems elusive to those in power. These kids however aren’t just pushing for gun restrictions, they are also pushing for voter turnout. With any luck the youth of our era will be what rises up and brings common sense and credibility back to our country. Vote Them Out, should be the battle cry.

I see the political spin of the NRA, “these kids are puppets of the rich Hollywood types.” Or “They are trying to destroy the 2nd ammendment.” Or the ever popular “They are coming for your guns!”

I see the odious Rick Santorum telling students to learn CPR instead of trying to get laws changed. What a fucking moron. That is tRump class moron-ism right there…

I see fear in their eyes. It has been a long time coming.

Vote Them Out!