…And Then There Were Three

I just came in from taking hawk pics. The wind is blowing, the leaves on the adjoining trees, or those along the sight path were constantly getting in the way. The little guys were regularly shifting around and with the wind/interfering leaves thing I was lucky to catch a shot at all that had birds in it and not just leaves. Because of my less than adequate rig I have to take the shots with a 10 sec delay so vibration can settle down. Then the battery died. It is charging… and as it turns out my focus was off for the entire session. Which is a bitch.

Anyway, for a while I thought there was only one little hawk. Then I saw that there were two. Only after going through the pics I just uploaded into the computer did I notice this:



No wonder they were moving around so much. There is hardly any room for them all! I haven’t been out to look at them in several days, I was astonished to see how big they are… Is it a bad thing to consider cutting down a couple of trees so I can get better shots? I am not sure how close I can get without getting into some serious hawk trouble. More to come, as I get them.