You Call That a Fleet?



Iran has proclaimed their “fleet” of ships is approaching the U.S. maritime waters. I guess this is supposed to be some kind of political posturing.

I’m pretty sure the if the crew from the Gilligan’s Island series had 2 boats, it would have been nearly as impressive as this fleet. What a joke.

This fleet could be knocked out with a girl scout troop and a couple of bb guns. So what exactly is the point? To prove that they could send a couple of ships out for a 3 hour tour? “A 3 hour tour. The weather started getting rough, the tiny ships were tossing, if not for the courage of the fearless crew the fleet would be lost. The fleet would be lost.” 

In case anyone reads this and doesn’t have a clue where this went, that last quote is from the theme song of the Gilligan’s Island series. It is possible for some not in the U.S. to have heard of this show, suffice to say it was a cheesy comedy based on the efforts of passengers and crew of a shipwrecked boat’s survival and ill fated attempts at rescue. Google is pretty handy for further info.