It’s Good To Be Home

As has been mentioned in some comments recently the wife came down with abdominal pain 2 weeks ago yesterday. It was bad enough we went to the local emergency room at 4 in the morning. . They sent her 60 miles by ambulance before noon the next day, suspecting an abdominal blockage, or intestinal kink. After several days of no food, and pumping the stomach of the fluids in constant manufacture there, plus daily x-rays and multiple cat scans with no improvement noticed, they decided to do an exploratory surgery.

Upon entry they immediately saw the problem was an abcessed appendix. It had ruptured at some point, and continued to fester. Appendicitis being a bacterial infection, a lot of the surrounding area was inflamed with pus pockets. With the appendix removed, and the area cleaned up as much as humanly possible, she was left to recover.

Usually, and I thought this was mostly the case, an appendix will go bad and rupure very quickly and is easily dignosed. In this case, and while it is more rare, but not unheard of, the appendix went through more of a slow burn process, and even with the modern tech available was not easily diagnosed. It was suspected early, but they just did not know for sure till they opened her up.

We finally rolled in last night around 8 PM. After living in a small hospital room for 2 weeks it feels oddly strange being home, but at the same time very comforting. It is a pleasure to see the boys, to get my hugs whether I need them or not, and to sleep in my own bed.

The wife is still quite tender having a 6 or 7 inch gash in her gut, that is nicely stapled up in a classic Frankenstein way, and she will require much attention for the next several days. The biggest job before me is to keep her down. She is just not the type to want to lie around, and will soon overtask herself if I am for a moment distracted. I have threatened to tie cinder blocks to her, to keep her from getting up and moving around. She will want to clean something before the day is out. This I know.

It is good to be home. I suspect a nap in my near future… and a lot of work to be done.