Been Slow

Too much going on lately to find time to be creative, or become inspired to write up a post. I did decide to renew my WP account for another year, so that’s something I guess. 

I have been wrapped up with helping my neighbor, he is building a water wheel, trying to use it to create energy. I don’t think it will ever work in that capacity, having the chasing your tail problem inherent in the design. Which is using an electric pump to power the wheel. By using energy to propel the system, you aren’t very damned likely to get a gain at the other end, be lucky to break even. But I enjoy piddling with stuff like this, I call it brain food. Measuring, thinking, evaluating, finding ways to improve effiency, cutting, welding, general guy stuff with lots of tools. We just got done with a 4 foot wheel that has 36 halved 6″ plastic pipe pieces that are assembled with an aggressive angle to the water supply, it looks like a damn turbine. Gotta say it looks good no matter how this project turns out.

Then decided to do some lawn work at some point, the onions had taken off, and needed to be trimmed. Also changed the oil in the car, washed, vacuumed, and detailed it. Add to these kinds of things general day to day stuff, taking out the trash, cleaning up after the clutter monster, figuring what the hell is for supper, duct taping the children and keeping them in the closet, wait did I say that out loud? Hey I have good kids and they rarely need to even be talked to let alone reprimanded for anything. 

Also have been talking to my old band buddies about getting together and making some noise, plus I have one brat that is attempting to learn guitar so I have been showing him how to do some stuff. He is at the very early stage where every little thing comes with much difficulty. He has a great love for AC DC so Ive been showing him how to play a couple of their easier tunes.

Toss in getting the brats back and forth to school, and the necessity of getting groceries, and gas, and all that jazz, I simply haven’t had much time or inspiration to do much here. I am sure any day now though something will spark my interest, or piss me off enough for a good write up. 🙂

To those of you that have hung with me this far, there will be an upswing at some point. Thanks for sticking with me.