More Creationist Nonsense in Kansas

This article from the NCSE   describes a creationist organization known as COPE (Citizens for Obviously Perverted Education) oops (Citizens for Objective Public Education) have sued the Kansas State Board of Education because the Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) apparently are riddled with facts and evidence, which make them highly undesirable for creationists, because facts and evidence is  Kryptonite to Superman. Or in other words, science and all of its damnable facts teach children things that contradict their book of fables. (well duh it was written over 2000 years ago, we have learned a few things since, well some people have) Now they are all up in arms about children learning good science because well, jebus or something. The NCSE article is kinda long but worth the read.

There is a little bit of silver lining in this situation, in that these wacky creationists have completely dropped the stealth plan of sneaking their so called theory of ID into schools. They have instead gone whole hog batshit bible insane. About the NGSS I quote:  “will have the effect of causing Kansas public schools to establish and endorse a non-theistic religious worldview … in violation of the Establishment, Free Exercise, and Speech Clauses of the First Amendment, and the Equal Protection Clauses of the 14th Amendment”  The first part of that quote is the clincher, they don’t want children learning science because it doesn’t jive with their religion.

Another great quote in the article from COPE: “The complaint alleges that the NGSS and the Framework “seek to cause students to embrace a non-theistic Worldview … by leading very young children to ask ultimate questions about the cause and nature of life and the universe … and then using a variety of deceptive devices and methods that will lead them to answer the questions with only materialistic/atheistic explanations. … The effect … is to cause the students to ultimately ‘know’ and ‘understand’ that the student is not a design or a creation made for a purpose, but rather is just a ‘natural object’ that has emerged from the random interactions of matter, energy and the physical forces via unguided evolutionary processes which are the core tenets of Religious (‘secular’) Humanism” (p. 15). Both the Big Bang and evolution are emphasized as problematic.”  Yeah…I am afraid science has a lot of evidence to support it, which is what they mean with “deceptive devices and methods” …and then the rest is basically saying that students will learn about naturalistic causes (for which we have evidence) that might lead them to believe that they were not “specially created” as is taught by creationuts (for which there is no evidence.)

Well boo freaking hoo. It is high time we base our understanding of reality on what we know, not what we think we know, or what we believe. Beliefs are not facts. Personal beliefs do not belong in schools, they sure as hell do not need to be taught as facts. Schools should teach the science we know. Period. No Religion allowed. I think that is why there are all of those eyesores known as churches that litter the landscape. Please brainwash your children there, and leave the rest of us be. There are many things for science to yet discover, I want my kids on the learning curve, not the dead end street.

Fortunately this looks like a frivolous lawsuit that won’t go anywhere. Although it does serve as a beacon for reason.