I See Dead People

In my dreams, occaisionally. Last night was one of those moments. As I write this the snow is piling up outside, after a dose of icing last night. Had to get out in near blizzard conditions to get the wife to work this morn. She is a nurse and duty always comes before the weather. Good thing I still have my heavy duty 3/4 ton 4WD truck from my days of hauling boats and shells all over the place. Also a good thing I have new tires. It was bad out and getting worse. Supposed to get anywhere from 8 to 10 inches today.

Anyway about the dream. There was this girl I knew back where I grew up. We went to grade school together, as did all of the kids in the neighborhood. We all kept seeing each other year after year, growing up together. The girls name was Josephine Durbin, we called her Jo for short, and she was the first girl friend I had. Not girlfriend, but girl friend if you get my meaning. We were pals for a long time, and I must admit I did have a little thing for her, but it never went anywhere.

Eventually I moved out of the area, and never saw her again. I found out many years later after talking to an old friend in the neighborhood she had died. Of what I don’t know, but some sort of illness.

Now to the dream, I found myself in some house with many people around, and there she was. Not much different than I can remember. But I saw her and proclaimed “Jo!” We hugged briefly, and mentioned how we had missed each other, then as dreams are wont to be strange she asked me if I was ready to help remodel the kitchen. I remember being hesitant to take on such an unexpected job, but decided to look the kitchen over, and then just like that she was gone. I looked about for a moment, but knew this was dreamland and I probably would not see her again. About that time the wife was lightly shaking my shoulder to get up. The power had went out at some point, the alarm clock flashing away. We had slept in for 15 minutes.

This is not the first time I have seen dead people in my dreams, I have seen and talked to several family members gone, though it happens rarely. I always have this feeling of gratitude that I get to see them again, even if only briefly in a dream, but at the same time feel a great loss knowing they are gone and that dreams and memories are my only connection to these people. It affects me strongly when this happens, and my mood today is quite melancholy. I’m sure though life will kick me in the ass in a bit, and I’ll get back to my regular self.

Just wanted to share.