Ummm, Yes?

Have you ever performed on stage or given a speech?

I’ve played guitar since I was 16, the math would require an abacus, maybe a calculator, and a fifth grade education, if you are wondering how old that makes me. πŸ˜‰

I’ve been in a few cover bands, that is bands who perform other peoples music. I am now in an all original band, that is songs we have written/composed ourselves. In both cases I have performed on numerous stages, on numerous occaisions. Well, moreso the former than the latter, we are just now getting back at it, our bassist/writer/and keeper of time signatures, had a triple heart bypass surgery a couple months ago. He is fine now, and back to monitoring my odd time signature arrangements. Though… he has let a couple slide recently, finding that once everyone is on the same page, a 4/4 signature isn’t absolutely necessary, and can be a fun adventure πŸ˜‰ We are both a work in progress I think.

Pretty much, I have been on stages enough, where now, being in front of people, whether speaking or playing music, no longer concerns me. I don’t get freaked out with stage fright.

I do still get a little nervous before a gig, but that soon goes away once the gear is set up, and we get through the first couple of songs. You just have to let it go, have fun performing, and don’t sweat the little mistakes most people will never notice.

We should be playing live again by the new year. We have been practicing and recording for a few weeks now, since the surgery.

I’m anxious to get back at it. Playing live is a drug, and musicians are addicts.