All Eyes On Comet ISON

ISON in the previous week has been rapidly approaching the sun, and is currently out of view, having made the turn behind the sun. It is a comet in the “sungrazer” class, and is expected to emerge today, if it survives its close orbit to our solar systems caretaker. No one knows for sure if it will be seen again.

If it does survive, best guesses are it will be spectacular. This past week or so, as it was making its approach, I tried to catch it with binoculars, but I was up too late on my first attempt, then we have had clouds/rain/sleet ever since. Now we have a clear day, and the comet is behind the sun, just my kind of luck. I really hope I don’t end up batting a shut out on this one. 

All I want for x-mas is a killer comet 🙂

The Comet Is Coming!


ISON is it’s name, comet-ary awesomeness is it’s game. It will be here in Nov. I cannot wait. This one has the potential to be the comet of the decade, or even of the century. Scientists think this one could get so bright it can be seen in the daytime. At the very least it should be a naked eye object from dusk to darkness. 

The last time we had a “comet of the century” event, it was Kohoutek back in 1979, which fizzled and failed spectacularly to meet expectations, comets are notoriously difficult to predict accurately, but this one has the potential to be a whopper. Anyone with binoculars, or a pair of eyeballs should get a kick out of this one, even it only meets half of its expectations. I am so looking forwards to this event.

A few details from the Hubble site: