I don’t know if you guys know who Aron Ra is, In my humble opinion he is an atheist rock star. He has been on the front lines of religious stupidity for decades. He has a huge video library, and a ton of experience battling the stoopid we see every day.

Now he might look like a biker from hell, but he is a no nonsense atheist that has been doing this for a long time.

I gave his site a visit a couple days back, I don’t go there much lately out of pure laziness, or otherwise just too much to do and not enough time to get to it all. I dropped in and caught this wonderful post. I’d like to share.

This line really jumped off the page for me, “Thoughts and prayers are worthless. Two hands working accomplish more than a thousand clasped in prayer.”

…and that “Fourth” paragraph is exactly how I see it. Enjoy.

Atheist vs Religious Accountability


Tell it like it is Steve. I saw this the other night as it happened live. Thought I’d share with those of you who may have missed it.

I am otherwise sad this is all true. I hope we get a new person in the office after the election. For the sake of America, Americans, and the sake of the entire world.


Some like it cold. Some might not live long enough, to get good and old.

Potentially Fatal Combinations of Humidity and Heat Are Emerging Across the Globe

I can remember way back when I was a younger lad, Me and my pet dinosaur had a great time! 😉

Actually I was a deckhand for a time, working towboats for a couple of years, and while it was always hot out on the tow, with the sun beating down on all of that solid steel, it was often like walking through an oven, the heat at times was stifling. We went through New Orleans, on our way darn near to the gulf one time, and while I was there the heat was incredible. I mean stepping foot out on the deck from an air conditioned boat, you immediately felt the sweat pores open up and the water started flowing. A miserable, beat you down to the ground sort of heat. But we persevered. It’s what tougher than sensible, types do.

Then in my shell digging days, I’d come up from a dive on a day with 110 heat index, and all the water wetting the floor of the boat would be dry in like 10 minutes, the sweat pouring off my nose as I graded shell, the only thing that made it tolerable was knowing I’d be jumping back in the water soon. We persevere.

This was way before the global warming thing was a thing. I have to wonder now, with all of the threats facing humanity, what with Covid 19, and global warming with its intensifying weather extremes, hurricanes, tornados and such, and with those in charge looking the other way, greed and profit being the main motivators, just how much time does humanity actually have left?

There is only so much that we can persevere, after that we are just dead. And we will be taking an entire planet of life forms with us.

Hug the wife and kids, or significant other, every day. Enjoy what we have for what time we have left to enjoy it. Maybe we can turn this thing around, but it isn’t looking too good.

Y’all stay safe. Stay healthy.


P.S. There is one lonely comment at the bottom of the link worth looking at.


This Covid 19 virus sucks! The numbers might be flattening a bit, but not really going down much except in a few places. I can’t for the life of me understand why people want to rush things back to they way they were, when the way they were, we may never see again. It might be a few years if we make it that far. This could be a paradigm change for society. I suppose we will see, those of us who live long enough. I only hope this wave of death and misery finds its way to our rear view. Sooner the better.

It occurred to me a few days back, as tens of thousands of elderly people on SSI  (Social Security Income) are dying, and it ain’t over yet… The response from our (R) gov’t is lethargic at best, and criminal at worst. And I had a moment where I realized this is a (R) wet dream come true. All of those old people dying off, and as a result losing their SSI benefits. Sure they can’t utter a word to confirm that notion publicly, but do I think they are a bit giddy about the prospect? Yes. Yes I do. Cutting or killing SSI is a priority for many R’s. Would they stoop so low as to just let people die to help achieve that outcome? I don’t know, you tell me. The (R) party is already lower than whale shit at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. Does no one believe they can’t dig a little deeper?

The (R) party is the party of “kill the ACA”  “cut Social Security”  “loosen environmental protections”  “global warming is a hoax”  “cut food stamps and SNAP benefits”  “let the post office die if there is any chance of getting mail in ballots” and  “give give give to corporations and fuck the little people.” Oh yeah, and if you work at a meat processing plant the R’s are the party of  “Go the fuck to work! And don’t come crying to us if you get sick!” Nice people, Republicans… (sarcasm folks)

They sure as hell have convinced NO ONE (except those who think Faux News and Alex Jones types are legitimate news outlets,) that they are doing anything and everything in their power to stop, or even slow down this wave of death. In fact, as I write this they are doing EVERYTHING they can to jump start the economy, and an obvious result (to most of us,) it will undoubtedly wind up in more old people (as well a others) falling off of the SSI rosters due to premature death caused by Covid 19. Enhanced by the”golly gee willakers what can we do?” (R)  response to the outbreak. Oh happy day for Republicans across the land!

Maybe I need my tin foil hat adjusted. Or maybe I’m angling for the left leaning antithetical position of the aforementioned Faux News and Alex Jones. Trust me I don’t want the job. Maybe I’m just up to here with the antics and endless scandals of the (R) party today. Maybe as an observer of things in this world, I’m just calling it how I see it.

I can’t stress enough get out and vote come Nov. There is no other way out of this mess.

Y’all stay safe and stay healthy.


I get on here to browse my reader and almost every time there is a post like this mixed in among my followed blogs, that inevitably grabs my attention.


This was my reply:

“That is the biggest pile of bovine excretement I have seen in a long time.

I see a lot of x + y = z, but nothing to back it up whatsoever. (an atheist) {x} (is content to say “evolution did it”) {+ y} {=} (and cease exploratory research) {z}

Just because you imagine something to be true, does not make it so. The entire post is an excercise in make believe. “I believe this is how it is so it must be true.” Unfortunately that doesn’t cut it with an atheist. We prefer to actually have facts and data in our hands to form an opinion.

Stick to religion pal. Atheism requires more work than just making shit up and claiming it to be so. You want to play with an atheist? Show your damn work.

Religion is the playground of “I believe.” So maybe you ought to stay in your sandbox and let the atheist ponder the facts… Unless of course you actually have some facts to show that your speculative strawmen are real? I’ll wait.” (end quote)

I kind of doubt my response will see the light of day. I can’t be sure but I think I have run into this guy before…

I’m off to the river. There be adventure out thar and I aim to find it. Y’all have a good day too. 🙂



My youngest son, I envy him. He has a sweet girlfriend, a job, and is about to graduate high school. Assuming there is a graduation this year. Well, he picked up a 3D virtual reality rig used a few weeks back…

And it’s AMAZING!


I have only played a few of games on it, one is Arizona Sunshine, a zombie shoot em up, which is a lot of fun. Another I just started playing is Superhot. Superhot is like being Bruce Willis in the movies. You are dropped into all sorts of scenarios you have to fight your way out of, using guns/knives and fists. Also an absolute ball to play, and it requires some quick thinking. The problem is, Superhot requires a lot of up/down dodging bullets and hiding behind obstacles to shoot around, it is very physical. And my back can’t take too much physical.

Im sitting here in a lot of pain right now. But it will (mostly) pass. There might be some who would say I need the exercise, but they don’t say it too loudly. 😉 I can’t wait to go back in to VR. Even if that might be tomorrow. If I have to be locked down at home for a while I think I’ll be ok with that, with this thing in the house.

The one thing I do not like is, this technology is somehow through Facebook, which I utterly despise. For that matter #deletefacebook !! I know this link is a little outdated but still relavent IMO. FB is the ebil. (Waterboy reference, yes the movie)


On a side note just got back from Wal Mart. Went in to grab some bratwurst for supper. It’s like living in a war zone these days with bare shelves up and down the aisles, almost surreal. That boy of mine I mentioned earlier, just came in with some toilet paper and a bag of sugar. He informed me the toilet paper was again cleaned out at the Wal Mart. (For us Wal Mart is the closest store unfortunately, and second on my list of hated corporations right behind FB)

If there is any good news out there, I bought gas this morning for $1.25 a gallon in a neighboring town. Taking my big ole 3/4 ton truck there to fill it up too.

I know a lot of people are losing their jobs right now, which is terrible. My sister in law just got laid off, a friend of mine says where he works there has been a lot of activity in the office, he is expecting a shutdown soon. My wife works in healthcare so she will have a job until either she or anyone in the house gets the virus, at that point we lock the doors and no one goes in or out for 2 weeks, maybe more. Or If anyone at the house she works at gets ill, obviously she won’t be able to go back until is safe to do so.  We live in an extraordinay time among extraordinary circumstances. I do hope we all get through this relatively unscathed. But the reality is even if we do not get ill with the virus, the impact on the economy is going to be long lasting and I fear will cause enormous suffering. Goodbye 401K, we will miss you.

Stay safe, and hang in there.

Call Me A Boy Scout

We went out last night and stocked up on enough dry/canned goods to hopefully last us a couple of weeks, just in case any one of us comes down with a corona virus. Also snagged toiletries and food for the dog/cat. We want to be self sustained if it comes to that. There will be five adults here by this evening, my youngest sons girlfriend goes to UT Martin, they have cancelled classes till April 1. Im on my way out the door to go get her as soon as I hit the post button.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones thinking that way. Wal Mart shelves were wiped out in bags of rice and toilet paper in 2 towns we went to (no pun intended but I’ll take it.) We had to stop at 3 different Dollar General stores to even find any toilet paper.

Peanut butter and soups were also in short supply.

I hope it doesn’t come to having to having to deal with this. I’d like to think we are just well stocked for a while. May this post find you all healthy and well prepared.



Well That Was Freaky

Night before last, we were forecast to have rain, maybe a thunderstorm. Woke up around eleven-ish to the sound of thunder and rain. About the time I decided all was well and was trying to get back to sleep, gotta be up at 4:30 ya know, it started to hail. I could hear the little hail stones ticking on the roof. No big deal, we get a little a little hail now and then. Right?

The clicking sounds suddenly became thumping sounds, then the thumping sounds became banging sounds, then the banging became a horrendous cacaphony of dreadful bangs and clangs. It sounded like 50,000 elves with 50,000 hammers were out there banging on everything. We were looking out the door at hailstones from small, to large, and many as big around as half dollars and over an inch thick bouncing off of everything. We have a big cedar tree, I threw on my hat and jacket with the intent to run out there and drive the car under the tree, but wiser people than I kept me from attempting it.

We were all wandering back and forth from front door to back, looking outside, it was a surreal moment. I figured if a tornado might be out there, we were in the hail core, and that put us generally NE of the tornado if there was one. I kept holding my breath and trying to see if I could hear the roar of my worst fear, a fucking tornado. I did not hear one this night… (I have heard the train a couple of times in my life and felt the thunderous roar reverberating through my body. I’m a grown manly man and lived a manly life, and aint skeered of much, but tornados scare the crap out of me)

But one was there. It was just a little too far away for us to hear it. It carved a path maybe a mile long (as far as I know), absolutely destroying some homes, massively damaging others. Three dead at last count here in Benton County Tn.

We have four vehicles. Well, five. Three of which are driven daily. The other two are an old Camaro, and an old 1964 Chevy truck. They run, but need some TLC. Anyway, all of them suffered quite a bit of hail damage, except for my old work truck which was parked right beside that cedar tree I mentioned earlier, it got through the storm with no recognizable damage. Also my youngest sons girlfriend had just bought a car, she hasn’t even titled it yet, and it too has multiple dents. It’s a tough pill to swallow. Yes we are grateful everyone is alive. Yes we are grateful there is still a roof over our heads. But goddammit this is a shit sandwich. I tire of shit sandwiches…

Took our main vehicle to town yesterday morning to get a quote on fixing it. This one is our life support vehicle and the only one of the three daily drivers with full coverage. It’s expensive to insure three vehicles when you have kids driving them, so we were forced to settle for liability and uninsured motorist on the other two. Anyway the estimate to fix the Ford Fusion came to $4, 662. Almost 5 grand. I am waiting to hear from the insurance adjuster to consider my options. Good chance we will be stuck driving around a heavily hail damaged car for a while…

Before I came home from town, I decided to grab a bucket of blackjack (roofing tar). I knew I had to get up on the roof and inspect for damage, I wasn’t going up the ladder without a bucket of blackjack. Which was a good call, I used 3/4 of a bucket covering spots where the shingles were damaged. Yesterday was a long day…

Had we known things might have got this severe weatherwise, I could have put 2 vehicles in the shop, and got another 2 under the protection of the cedar tree. No one was expecting a supercell to form as far as I know. After the storm did its damage here, it continued on to Nashville where it dropped another tornado and did considerable damage there, along with many lives lost.

Yeah, a shit sandwich sucks, but I am truly grateful we dodged a real catastrophe. Hope this finds you all in a good place. Nobody likes a shit sandwich. And No One deserves the wrath of a tornado.