Make Us Proud Tennessee

I really like living here, despite the severe weather, the scorching summer heat, and all of the goddamn ignorant rednecks. It’s beautiful country. Rolling hills and valleys, still a lot of trees despite the steady “progress,” that sees them cut down. Creeks, rivers, lakes everywhere, where I spend as much time as I can. It’s a nice place.

Until you dig a little deeper.

Let’s start digging at the state Capitol. Where the Gerrymandered Republican bastion, is as I write, holding a vote to expell 3 Democratic Representatives who had the audacity to hold a mild protest, during a recess in House business, about gun laws/safety, after a recent school shooting here that saw 6 people dead, 3 of whom were children of 9 yrs. of age.

The Rethugs reacted by overreacting of course. Is there any other way for the great party of hypocrisy? Two black men and a white woman, (What on earth are black men and white women doing here in our politics anyway? White privilege runs deep in Tn,) are right now seeing the R bastards vote on whether to let them stay, or be expelled.

Results right now, 1 Black man expelled. 1 White woman allowed to stay. 1 vote to go.

Just in that very small sample, is not the inherent racism pretty damn obvious? The misogyny is there too, trust me. It’s just not showing as much as the rasicm at the moment.

That the R’s are doing this at all is the water line, showing how eroded our democracy has become. A bunch of Gerrymandered winners of their districts, mostly out of touch white guys, perfectly happy with the status quo and all of the NRA money they can happily spend, and openly, blatantly, expelling, or attempting to expell, Democrats who dared to speak out about gun violence in their presence.

How dare they!

This is the part of Tennessee I don’t care for, the people who live here. The assholes in charge. The glorified scum pretending to be legislation for the people. They are as much for the people as the orange idiot is. That is not at all. They don’t give a damn about anything but the power they have over the state. Over the country. And they don’t give a damn what they have to do to keep it.

Our country is being led by the minority. We may have a Democratic president, and still control of the Senate, but that doesn’t stop the R’s from instituting everything they can think of to squash voting, and squash desire to vote by keeping their polished shoes on the necks of the downtrodden who have no way to fight back. Between Gerrymandering, and oodles of laws/statutes in their favor, plus the backing of SCOTUS, they are running rampant with all sorts of crazy culture war shit, and power grabbing, with absolute indifference to the needs, the desires, the resonable expectations, of the people who put them in power. Their only concern is maintaining that power at all costs.

Anyone who has been paying attention already knows this.

So, I’m pretty much a lone voice yelling at clouds today.

Nothing will stop these bastards until people get off thier asses and vote in massive numbers. If there is ever to be hope for the little people, we need representatives who have not discarded us in favor of money and power.

Sure, Democrats are not immune to greed/power, I know some asshat will come along and say as much ok? This is the internet. But the Democrats aren’t the ones right now running this country backwards 150 years.

Older I get the less I like people. Especially Republicans.

10 thoughts on “Make Us Proud Tennessee

  1. What a racist, infuriating act by the repukes there in your state. Theirs is a fascist, racist, immoral party that is an affront to all that is good and just in the world. What a bunch of fucking assholes.


  2. Republicans, unfortunately for Tennesseans and those in other totally red states are going to get their wish. Their states will become banana republics, with the companies offering high quality jobs feeing to more sane states. We’ll see how many Jack Daniels can hire, but it won’t take up the slack. Everyone will either be out of work or working a shit job and the Repubs will still be gloating in the state house.


    • We, Tn, are pretty much a Banana Republic now, as evidenced by Tn legislators.

      I know if I was a huge outfit looking for a place to build a plant, Tn. would not be in the running from the get-go.


  3. HA! Why don’t you tell us how you really feel, SD??? 😈

    Seriously, I agree with all your wrote. It’s disgusting, sickening, and repulsive … but unfortunately, since tRumpsky opened the gates, the inmates are running loose. And not just in your state!!


    • These puffed up, power hungry shit bags have lost all deceny, all empathy, and all good sense, in favor of power, and staying busy feeding red meat to the idjits.

      Disgusting, sickening, and repulsive are a good start Nan. But we need a voter revolution in this country. A tilt of the lever towards legislating for the wants and needs of the people.

      The orange idiot and his copycat colostomy bags, have had it too good for too long. We need new blood in the system. People in touch with reality.

      Old white, clueless, ignorant fucks, who are only doing theater publically, and doing everything they can, privately, to enrich themselves and pass legislation to appease the 30% need ousting.

      These are the people in control? We need Gerrymandering outlawed. We need level playing fields for candidates, and we need voters to vote.

      Else this be our fate for some good time yet.

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  4. Do they announce special elections for those 3 legislators? Or how do their constituents get representation


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