Hey Everybody! Meet Frank

I’ve been follwing a guy, an actual priest who converted to atheism, for quite a while. He writes good stuff, and has a perspective we don’t see often, coming form what was the other side. Bright guy. Love what he says. And I just thought maybe you might be interested in his postings.

Frank and I just had a brief discussion, he visited my humble blog thingy, and commented in his comments, that his readers might like my content. I told him I follow several good blogs, way better bloggers than me, maybe he’d check them out.

Maybe, when you get time of course, you could give Frank a visit. I wouldn’t send you somewhere I wouldn’t go, but that could still be iffy! But not in this case. πŸ˜‰



9 thoughts on “Hey Everybody! Meet Frank

  1. I’ve been following Frank for quite a while. Hi Frank!

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  2. Seems to be a rather interesting blog … I will definitely check-in now and again.


  3. For some reason I haven’t seen his updates on my blog for a long while and we used to chat quite often. I blame the devil

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  4. Huh. I visited his blog yesterday after reading your praise and left a comment on one of his older posts (“Happy Christmyth”). It’s still not been approved. And all I said was I loved the title of the post. (Which I do … it’s so apropos for the season!) Hardly, IMO, a reason to withhold approval … πŸ€”


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