Just So Y’all Know…

Me and mine are fine. The horrible flooding that hit Waverly Tn. and surrounding areas, missed us. But not by much. It was just across the Tn. river from here. I heard the weather alert radio go off for a little north of where I’m at, foretelling heavy rains and flash flooding. But all we got out of it was maybe an inch and a half or so, at my location. What a difference a few miles makes…

From the news, it looks like incredible devastation. Last I heard it was 21 or 22 known dead with 40-something unaccounted for.

All we can do is hope some of the missing show up at a friends house, or survived the trip downstream. It’s times like these you count your lucky stars, hug your kids, and hope the best for those less fortunate in trying times. It’s painful watching the news knowing it could have been here, and wishing those who suffered through it, didn’t have to.

Hope you are all doing well. Busier than a six legged dog a scratching fleas around here. I’m exhausted from being exhausted. Got a good nights sleep last night, but still moving slow today and a lot of stuff to do that can’t wait any longer…

3 thoughts on “Just So Y’all Know…

  1. Glad to hear you were missed, sad for all the others who got hit.

    I wish they had names Climate Change as ‘Weather Chaos” instead.

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  2. One wonders it Mother Nature is trying to tell us something about her planet …

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