Why The Bleep! Does WP Do This To Me?

I’m scrolling through the reader to see what I can see, and there’s a post by someone I don’t remember. I don’t recall putting this guy on my follow list? So I click on it to see if it might jar my memory, and I get this:


Good freaking grief! How the hell did this nutter get on my reader? No comments either. Not open to new ideas unless they are served up by Q I suppose…

And while I’m at it, where the hell did the dashboard go?

11 thoughts on “Why The Bleep! Does WP Do This To Me?

  1. I have been reading so many complaints about WordPress lately. ..my beef is this: Before Jan 1, 2021 I had no spam. At all. I don’t get a lot of attention on my blog (which is fine) but since that date, I now have at least 2 spam comments a day . . .and no visits to my blog. So I cannot think how that would be possible. . . Sigh. . . WordPress Wizardry, I guess.
    I have also had ‘mystery’ visits in the Reader. ..something else that’s new, I assume.

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    • The spam thing is curious. Perhaps it just took them longer to find you? I don’t monitor my spam input much, but when I do go look I’ll have 3-4 pages to delete.

      They (WP) used to always have these mystery posts, but they were formatted differently, I could tell they weren’t my usual haunts, but sometimes, regretfully, I’d get intrigued by a title and go have a look.

      This time the mystery post was nestled in among my followed blogs as if it was a person I have been following.

      I’m not sure who is running this joint, but I’m suspicious there might be too many chiefs and not enough indians running the show.

      (I really hope that phrase hasn’t been canceled and no one told me!)

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  2. First, I set things up to get all my post/comment notifications via email. I rarely use the reader so I can’t say much about it. To me, it’s an extra step since I check my email everyday. To each his own. 🙂

    Spam comes and goes. I do check it whenever I write a post and also when a comment goes into moderation. Sometimes it’s 3-4 pages, other times there are only 5 or 6 listed — even when it’s been several days since I last checked.

    Yes, WP is screwing with the dashboard — among other things. One thing I’ve found that might help is …when you try to access your blog, make sure the last part of the URL is “wp-admin.” WP automatically puts something else, but it YOU take control (😉), it should bring up the “old dashboard” — or at least one that’s similar to the old one.

    As for writing posts, WP has been gracious enough to now offer a way around the “block” version — but it’s nowhere near as easy/convenient as the old version. I use an external program to write my posts and then transfer them to WP.

    You or anyone else that needs help, feel free to email me. I may –or may not– be able to help, but I’ll be happy to give it a shot.

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    • I get so much crap in my email, i.e. spam, that it would take me days to sort through that mess to find anything relevant. That is with me setting every darn rule I can think of to prevent it reaching my eyes… In all honesty I should get a new email addy somewhere and start over over. But then I’d have to go through and sort out everyone that needs to know. *cough (Lazy!) *cough

      I hate to admit it, but I have spent a good bit of time going through menus, sub menus, and even an internet search to find out what happened to the dashboard. I’m getting along alright without it, but dammit, I liked using it.

      The new editor and I have gotten along well enough. I haven’t hit a definitive moment where I just had to have the old editor back yet. Yet, being the key word there I think.

      I’ll email ya one of these days just to say howdy 🙂

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      • You and several others have mentioned the amount of spam you get in your emails. What email program do you use? I use G-mail and have a “regular” account as well as one just for my blog. I RARELY get spam in the email addy I use for blog notifications.

        I do get occasional ones in my “regular” email addy, but very few. Do you have any kind of anti-spam programs on your computer? That might help. 😉

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        • I’ve had Outlook for quite some time…

          Don’t have any anti spam programs. Outlook has a filter you can use, but they always seem to find a way around what you try to do.

          I have a Gmail account, I got it just to have a quickie email I dont want to use all the time. I might start using it more and see how it works out

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          • Try it! You’ll like it! 😁

            You might also want to look into the BitDefender anti-virus program (high reviews). I’m pretty sure they have a free version.


  3. This guy is a certifiable lunatic! I was going to comment, but I see he doesn’t accept comments … apparently his own view is the only one that counts. And … I notice he only has one ‘like’ on most posts. I wonder why he bothers to even keep blogging … must like to hear himself talk!

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