It’s Been A Mild Winter…

But right now we are under a winter storm warning. They are calling for an ice storm, with perhaps .25″ ice accumulation here, and maybe 3/4″ further north.

We had an ice storm here back in ’93 or ’94. Caught us by surprise. I woke up that morning to continuous but staggered nosies. I’d hear a crack! Then a mild crash. Try to go back to sleep, and it happens again. So I lie there and I realize it is happening a fair bit. I finally got up and looked outside, we were covered in ice. I made coffee, put on my coveralls and went outside with a cup of coffee in my hand to investigate. I could still hear tree limbs weighed to the point of snapping and falling in the woods.

We had an old White Oak in the back yard, it was a leaner, and as I was walking close by, I heard a rustling, then a creaking and a groaning, I looked and watched that big ole tree crash to the ground. I was a bit freaked out with that. I got back in the house and the power went down. We were out of power for 2 weeks and the ice storm was followed by a terrific cold snap.

It was survival mode. It was tough, it was cold, it was difficult, but we got through it.

This one, if it materializes as predicted, could be as bad or worse. This time I have every container we have, holding fresh water on the kitchen counters. We have a well, which needs electricity to run, when the power goes down, we have no water… I also have a lot of 5 gallon buckets, side effect of being a shelldigger, they are great for short term shell storage as you can keep em in water. Now I have many of those buckets in 2 of our 3 bathrooms, all full of water. Because we can flush toilets by golly!

Im about to go to the shop and put a primer bulb in my chain saw, so I can cut some wood. If this goes as I have seen it before, we will be out of power. I have a fireplace to keep warm by if I can get the wood cut. I stopped at the grocery this morning and stocked up on milk, eggs, and bread. My boy is digging out the camp stoves in the shop. We are in all out disaster mode. I’m writing this as my pain meds get to work, so I can better get stuff done.

If you don’t see me for a while, it’s because SHTF. I am hoping the forecast is mistaken for my neck of the woods. Often I prepare for these situations and it does not get as bad as they expected. I hope that trend continues. But prepare for the worst, hope for the best is my motto. I got to get to work πŸ™‚

Y’all stay safe out there.

9 thoughts on “It’s Been A Mild Winter…

  1. You are oh, so, right about the mild winter . . . and we have had a series of big storms coming through. We have emergency supplies stashed but if the power goes down, we are in a hard way as we live in a high rise (no gas, no fireplaces, all electrical powered everything). Like you, we are doing the best we can, being as prepared as we can and we, like you, know that there are no guarantees of survival. I hope you weather your storm, my friend.


    • We are as dug in as we can be right now. My saw refused to run, so I had to drive an hour one way, to get a new one. There were some closer, but they didn’t suit me. Got back, we got a good rick cut, split, and covered up. Ought to get us through a few days if we need it.

      Been a long day, just sat down. Now we just ride this thing out πŸ™‚ Been an eerily quiet day all day long, with a light to medium dense fog in the air. Ominous lol.

      I hope whatever comes your way, you are as ready as you can be Steve. πŸ™‚


  2. Stay safe buddy. I could send you some sunshine using penguin express.


  3. First, before I comment on your situation … in the email I received that included your post, the advert that came with it was a guy wearing a Western shirt and a crumpled Western hat. As I read your last line, I thought to myself … how appropriate!

    My other-half tends towards being somewhat of a survivalist, so we have beaucoup supplies (food, water, a gas generator, etc.) on hand. Just in case. Of course, for us, it would be more likely an earthquake rather than weather. Fortunately, we have both a gas cooking and heating stove so if it’s cold, we’ll be able to stay warm.

    Anyway, I do hope you & yours stay safe! Keep us posted.


    • Haha! Marlboro man!

      You know I have heard, and used the word beaucoup for many years of my life. I know what it means, but never knew how to spell it! Thanks Nan!

      Tell your other half I said, you can’t have too much rope, too much tarp, or too much stuff in general, packed away for when SHTF.


  4. Hello Shelldigger. Best wishes and warmest thoughts. Do you have reading material saved up for if the power goes out and there is no electronic entertainment? Hugs


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