It’s a Disease

As often happens while I am scrolling through my reader, I will catch one of those WP recommended posts that piques my interest enough to click on it. As usual, I live to regret doing so. This fine morning I found a rightwing nutter proclaiming that a Biden presidency will cause the collapse of the US. even faster than our orange idiot is running it into the ground.

The post is heavy on scaremongering, the lifeblood of the R party. But the best part is… the s.o.b. accepts donations to his Paypal account!

I suppose the best indication of flattery is imitation. This blogger is grifting just like the orange idiot he/she worships.

I left a comment that will never see the light of day:

“Where do you get your bullshit pills? In any event I think you have had enough. Oh, lol! And you are running a grift to boot? Fucking priceless!”

2 thoughts on “It’s a Disease

  1. Good Jeebus! That was a painful read! And the grift tossed in at the end is, indeed, typical and priceless!

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    • It just… blew my mind when I saw the grift. And then I was like “oh!” The entire R party system is a grift.

      They are coming for your guns! They are coming for your religion! They are coming for your children! They are coming for your money! They are ruining the country! They are the hated libtards! Send $$$$$!

      Yep, freaking priceless.

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