This Is Why I Don’t Get Out Much

My reply (Awaiting Moderation):

Quote from the post:

“That’s not a person I’m going to be able to help much. That’s a double standard that they don’t apply to anything else. They get onto airplanes, buy computers, cars, and homes with far less evidence.” /end quote

Really? This is the meat of your argument? That is one the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. How does plenty of darn evidence of airplanes, computers, and cars, translate into your assumption that skeptics are gulity of a double standard?

I have been on airplanes, have a computer, and drive a car. All of which have nothing to do with being a-religious. That comes from exactly zero existing evidence of your gods, save for simply, you have belief, (and think that surely must be good enough for the rest of us.) And if stupid arguments like this is all you have got, well I pity what’s left of your religion.

Instead of reading apologetics, pick up an encyclopedia… Learn something meaningful. Life is too short for chasing the non existent. Might as well be chasing bigfoot. Good grief, I still can’t believe what I just read. The double standard of actual evidence. Head —> desk. /end reply

I’m finally having a little time to peruse my reader, and drop a comment here and there, then lo and behold up jumps the stoopid. I have enough crap to deal with on a daily basis without reading this sort of tripe, which sends me straight into “whatthefuck?” mode. If you are going to argue for your religion, please have a coherent and logical discussion. Meaningless word salad is not helping your cause.

Of course if that is was the standard, they wouldn’t have any argument…

Rant over. You may continue with your day, thank you for your time. 🙂


EDIT: Why is it that while perusing my blogs of preference that WP deems it appropriate to spam us with the absurd? WP cannot differentiate between skeptics and apologetics? Ok, now I’m done 🙂



18 thoughts on “This Is Why I Don’t Get Out Much

  1. Far less evidence? What?

    I live near an airport, planes fly over my house all the time, low enough so that I can see what airline they are from. I can go to the airport and watch planes take off and land, successfully, hundreds of times each day without a hitch. I’ve flown, including recently, and everything worked just as I expected it to. That’s confidence based on experience, which is entirely reasonable.

    Compare that to religion. It comes through on exactly none of its promises. Prayers aren’t answered, people aren’t “new creations”. Magic healings don’t work, the dead aren’t raised, and the pastors fleece their flocks without ever being struck by lightning.

    “That’s not a person I’m going to be able to help much.”

    What is he proposing to help me do? Shut off my brain? I don’t need or want his kind of help,

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    • “What?” Indeed, this person was trying to use the “everybody has faith canard” and fell flat on his ass. The entire post was an excercise in gibberish.

      Reasonable confidence that airplanes and cars will work is a far cry from believing you have an invisible friend.

      I’m with you, I don’t think I need that sort of help. 🙂

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  2. My philosophy professor at university—a Christian Liberal Arts university at that—use to often say, “Having faith in a 2,000 year old story is not intellectual suicide.

    Then I made the stupid mistake of asking, “If it’s not intellectual suicide, then what is it?Holy JEBUS CHRISSY MESSYNESS did I get the run-around chasing rabbits everywhere and down their holes or get on that merry-go-round that never stops!!! Shell, please, please, PLEASE don’t ask me what his, and hundreds of other Faither-Christians would answer with! 🤪

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    • Well now I have to know 😉

      Actually I’m sure to have seen a rendition of it here or there. While the content may vary a bit, the merry go round is the same. Once you have seen it, there’s no not seeing it.

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      • Hahaha! Apologies, I wasn’t actually trying to bait you. On my decadent, going-to-Hades 🔥 honor and hedonism to the tenth… I was not wanting to sabotage your comment-section with such long-winded flatulence I had to inhale and endure for more years than I wish to count or admit! 😈 Believe me, you’d rather have a root-canal on six different molars…

        …in the very back of your mouth! 🤣 Open up and say AHHHHHHHHH!


  3. We’re going to have to up the order of smooth plastic spoons.

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