Election Fraud

The news is in North Carolina, I’m sure we have all heard about it by now. Where the R candidate managed to steal an election by hiring contractors, who hired a felon, to hire individuals, to bang on doors, and convince residents they were there to help them cast their votes early. Only to then take those ballots and dispose of them, or change them to suit their purposes, which was to see to it that the R got elected.

Now wasn’t it the R’s of late using election fraud as an excuse to enact their voter suppression tactics? The true irony here isn’t that the R’s got caught cheating, the irony is that they seem to think it’s only a bad thing when they think, or accuse D’s of doing it… As the R political spectrum is oddly quiet about the situation.

You can bet your last nickel that if the D’s had got caught up in a huge election fraud fiasco, the R’s would be screaming bloody murder right about now. I’ve yet to hear a peep, wonder why that is?

In another vein of thought here, it is my opinion that every election is fradulent on the basis of all of the R gerrymandering across the country. There are elections where the vast majority of votes were cast for D’s, and the R’s hardly noticed any loss of seats, and they still hold the majority. If the election districting was fair, and it is not, the D’s would have taken the majority in several states. Why in the hell isn’t their an enormous outcry here? Oh..that’s right, the fucking R’s still hold the majority in these states! Even if there was an outcry it wouldn’t matter, because they have stolen control by being low down dirty, cheating, conscience deficient dogs.

What we the people need to do, and get it done A.S.A.P. is challenge every gerrymandered district and get this in the courts. You would think state legislatures could handle this on their own, but since the playing field has been significantly slanted in favor of the R’s, there is little hope a very strong turnout by D’s could gain enough seats for a majority, where that legislature could, on its own, change things to a proper and fair districting process.

Somehow, some way, we need this fixed.

Oh, and the states attempting to undermine new D’s coming into office by re-legislating the power of office, because they cannot abide the D’s having the same sort of power they had… Every R in those legislatures participating in this theft of power, needs to be dragged away in handcuffs. Let them stand in line at the prison lunch counter with tRump and co.

I swear the more I know the madder I get.

15 thoughts on “Election Fraud

  1. The hypocrisy on the right is just off the charts. It’s super frustrating. I don’t know, I think it says a lot about their ideology when they don’t care how they win, even if it’s by cheating. If their position was the right one, they shouldn’t need to cheat to win.

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  2. And of course this isn’t front page news on sites like FOX news. Surprise, surprise!

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  3. I agree. It is infuriating that the that republicans are trying desperately to reject the will of the voters and take power away from the offices where the democrats won. Republicans do not care about democracy, they do not care what the will of the people is, they only care about keeping their minority in power as long as possible in any way possible. They are sneaky thieves. Hugs

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    • The R’s know, damn good and well, the demographic has changed across the country. They know they would lose power in a fair fight. Thus the gerrymandering. And even then, in a rare win for D’s, the R’s just cant stand the idea that the D’s might change things for the better, thus the power grab.

      Yep, we do have a problem up here…

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  4. So they steal elections and change laws.
    Have they read the saying about revenge: whoever sets to revenge must dig two holes. The changes they are making to spite the Ds might bite them in the ass some day

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  5. This honestly is not a surprise in the least to me. If I may, I’ll start with one of my favorite quotes to introduce my comment…

    “The prude is in fact the libertine,
    without the courage to face their naked soul.”
    —- A. S. Neill

    In my 30+ adult years of life-experience in this pseudo-Conservative (Puritan?) country of ours, I have found and concluded that those who are MOST vocal and public with their self-righteousness and pious doctrines of how EVERYONE ELSE should be living… it has often/always been those yelling the “virtues of prudence” who behave the most hypocritical in private until they are caught! And then have the audacity to try and spin their plight into MORE virtue and the proverbial victim! Appalling doesn’t quite describe their lack of one iota of integrity. Whether consciously or unconsciously, they eat, drink, and breathe the platitude “The end always justifies the means.

    A good and poignant post Shell. Thank you!


      • Hahaha! “Schadenfreude“? Now I haven’t heard that one either, but it too is a good un. 😉

        Yes, that list of charismatic leaders has several I’ve blogged about in the past… from a more psychologically unstable or dysfunctional point-of-view. Those heavily rose-colored glasses that minions or puppets like to wear 24/7, 365 days of the year for the majority of their short adult lives are often super-glued on to their noses and ears! It’s mind-boggling isn’t it what they refuse to see, huh? Then all of a sudden you have another Jonestown, Guyana! Sad and mind-boggling. 😦

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