Damn You Harvey!

I know I have no place to complain with the many thousands homeless, many missing, and several dead already with this storm. The tragedy of its entirety has yet to be understood. I am sure it will be historic when it all gets sorted out. Probably already is. My heart goes out to all affected by this storm.

And we were just affected. Not to the extreme of most, we just got the remnants of the hurricane, but wow what a ride we had last night. Heavy downpours, tornados to our east, and the wind was really whipping. I slept as best I could through it, but about the time you thought it would ease up it came back just as ferocious as before. We could hear things banging and clanging and the occaisional snapping of wood out there, no one dared go look in the dark. The power predictably went out. (just got it back maybe 30 min ago)

First thing I saw this morning a tree across the street was down. But our damage was limited to a few shingles, a lot of tree debris, and then one of the boys had me go look at the shop. A tree lost a large limb that caved the roof of the shop in. Damn. (And my homeowners ins, does not cover outbuildings)

I got busy with getting the coffee on, which means digging around for the little propane camp stove and getting it going. Also forgot to fill a few buckets with water before the storm, when you lose power out in the country you need water on standby to flush a toilet because the well runs off of electricity. So I had one of the boys help me gather 4 buckets of water from the now swollen pond. Then I stretched out an extension cord from the car to the house. I have a small inverter that makes a little bit of 110 power from the car battery, so we could get television enough to see what was going on in the world.

Then about that time Vanderbilt called, we had an appointment to make today, they called to let us know that they were flooded. So no taking the wife to the neurologist. We were about to call them and cancel anyway, but it’s just freaky when they call you, because they were flooded…

Well as I mentioned the power is back. The wife is pleased that she can get a shower. So am I actually. We can only be thankful that things are manageable. We will get through this with little difficulty. I only wish the same could be said for all those from Houston to Nashville and beyond.

Hope all is well with all of you.

8 thoughts on “Damn You Harvey!

  1. I “liked” this only because I’m glad you’re safe and things are slowly returning to normal. Quite a ride … and one I hope I never have to experience.

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  2. As a Queenslander, I know the sensation. Cyclones can be crazy fun, but terrifying at the same time. Glad to hear you’re OK. Oddly enough, where we are here in Brazil, we get the wildest storms I’ve ever experienced, not excluding cyclones. The coast is only 60km away, but we’re up on a 1,000m+ plateau, so the land literally shoots out of the water straight up. The result is these tremendous storms which blow in and wreak total havoc.

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    • Wow. That sounds like a setup for some mean weather.

      We weren’t ever in a lot of danger (I think)… have seen some regular old storm front storms that were heavy duty mean, and we have had tornado outbreaks which will curl your hair,. This one was close to that kind of intensity, strangely without the lightning we tend to get, it just went on for hours. The intensity peaking, subsiding, then peaking again.

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  3. I am glad you and the family are OK. I hope the shop will be back to top form soon. Hugs

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    • We’re fine Mr. Scotty, it was just an intense strom for quite some time.

      The shop… I’m the guy that can fix darn near anything, I’ll find a way to straighten it out. Wanted to go out there today it was just an overcast and murky day and had no power to run some light by. With the power back on I’ll give it a good look tomorrow to see what Im up against.

      Thanks for the well wishes.

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  4. Condolences on the nightmare hitting Texas — unfortunately climate change is here. We need to stick together.


    • Climate change is definately upon us. The head in the sand approach of our politicians is atrocious.

      Here in Tn, all we got was a tropical depression Harvey. And it was plenty lol. I can’t imagine what the people in Texas went through.


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