What? No Jumper Cables?

Scientists at UCLA have developed and used an ultrasound technology to stimulate the brain of a man in a coma. The results were astounding. Within 3 days after the treatment the man had improved dramatically, I’ll quote: “Before the procedure began, the man showed only minimal signs of being conscious and of understanding speech for example, he could perform small limited movements when asked. By the day after the treatment, his responses had improved measurably. Three days later, the patient had regained full consciousness and full language comprehension, and he could reliably communicate by nodding his head “yes” or shaking his head “no.” He even made a fist-bump gesture to say goodbye to one of his doctors.”

Now granted this guy already had very limited cognitive ability to start with, but I’d say the immediate improvement is quite noteworthy. They did however take a cautious approach with this statement: “It is possible that we were just very lucky and happened to have stimulated the patient just as he was spontaneously recovering.”

This looks to be promising tech with a bright future, or it could have been a fluke, but definately worth watching how this plays out. If this proves to be as good as it seems this would be a breakthrough technology. Being the kind of guy I am I hope it works on a regular basis.  🙂


10 thoughts on “What? No Jumper Cables?

  1. Interesting stuff Shell…Our understanding of the brain has grown so much…I really do have hope that treatment for a lot of mental illness, and other ailments of the brain, may actually be “fixed” in the same way we repair other organs. Because ultimately it’s all physical, and as we learn more about how the brain works it seems like we should be able to get better results through medical techniques over therapy with a psychologist (although I do think therapy is helpful for a lot of the temporary issues many of us face).

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    • It would be nice to see mental issues fixable, or more effectively treatable, rather than just throwing another pill at the problem.

      I have seen what mental issues can do, up close and personal, and it ain’t pretty.

      Therapy is one of those things one has to be open to. But certainly effective for those who use it to its full potential. Not long after my 1st wife committed suicide (due to mental issues) I went and saw a therapist. After the first couple of visits he and I were so close to being on the same page we decided no further visits were necessary.


      • I concur with your assessment of therapy. Without it, I’d not be here today. Pills can put temporary band aids on things, but, in the long term, for most people, they can, and do, become extremely problematic. Most deeply troublesome issues humans face are complicated and multilayered, taking years to develop. The idea of a “miracle pill” or a “quick brain fix treatment” is simply not going to help most people suffering from deep emotional pain. I can personally account for this not only with my own life’s experience, but with those of literally hundreds of others I’ve worked with throughout the years. $Amen$

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  2. Sounds fascinating. Perhaps this can be used on Trump supporters to reawaken their frontal lobes. 🙂

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  3. Well yeah, but c’mon ya got to have jumper cables to jump start a brain…right? At least have some in the room for effect 🙂


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