So A Guy Walks Into Pet Store…

And finds a scaleless Bearded Dragon. He promptly buys the lucky lizard and has its genome sequenced. Guess what? The gene coding responsible for hair and feathers is the very same gene coding for scales.

This is big, because as many of us evilutionists know, the general pathway of evolution went from fish –> amphibian —> reptile and reptile branched off to birds/mammals. Finding that the same gene coding is responsible for scales —> hair —> feathers (generally speaking) is of course fantastic evidence for common descent. Which is the foundational premise of evolution in the first place.

Another hats off to science moment, and another nail in the dusty old coffin of creationism.

The story is better explained where I found it. @ Pandas Thumb.


35 thoughts on “So A Guy Walks Into Pet Store…

  1. Amphibians came before reptiles. They were the transitional species between fish and reptiles. Bearded dragons make great pets, BTW. Terrific link, too. Gotta love science.


    • Well for the sake of keeping it short I left a lot of transitions out of there πŸ™‚ Of course amphibians were between fish and birds/mammals.

      Yeah, the guys at PT are top notch. The resident creationist idjit Byers is always good for a giggle. Dense as a lead brick.


    • You know after I thought about it for a minute I went ahead and modified the post with amphibian. It is a rather obvious transition and should have put it there to start with, so thanks man πŸ™‚


      • I’ve had various frogs, salamanders and lizards as pets ever since I was a wee lad. I’m fascinated by them.


      • My brother was that kid too. Snakes, tarantula, salamanders, chameleons, and the like. So I had a healthy exposure to them due to his interest.

        To this day I still don’t mind handling snakes we find out in the yard. The non venomous ones anyway. Rat Snakes, Garters, Ring Necks and King Snakes are easily calmed down and keepable for a while before we release them back into the wild. Black racers can be caught but they are mean bastards and do not calm down/get used to handling. They will bite every time. Have played with a Hog Nose snake too a few times. They put on a show. With the spreading of the head, the hissing, and then if you mess with them enough they will play dead. Even cough up some gunk to make it look real.

        One of the boys had a Garter Snake a while back, the darn thing gave birth. We let a bunch of itty bitty Garters loose at the pond. I have pics of them somewhere…


      • I had a garter snake bite me one time and not let go. Hurt like a mother. It held onto my hand for about ten minutes.


      • Lol! You ran into an exceptionally mean one πŸ™‚


      • Big sucker too. 16 to 18 inches I’d say.


      • Just remember you had this coming.

        That’s what she said!


  2. Wow, creationists are truly the biggest idjits out there.


  3. I thought this was already known. Horay, nonetheless!


  4. Blasphemy! This is clearly the work of satan, as is all science, because God wanted us to be ignorant!

    Seriously though, this was an awesome read. It’s one more piece in the arsenal to use against religious nut jobs like Ken Hamm. Can’t wait to see the mental gymnastics they’re going to have to pull off for this one :p


    • I have a somehwat smug, yet at the same time sincere feeling that the ignorant are the only ones in need of their gods.

      Oh you can bet the apologists are are like a thousand monkeys typing away at a thousand typewriters hoping to come up with something that will resemble a good argument. Pfft! Like that will happen…

      And I’m glad you enjoyed the PT article.

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