Yep, Any Day Now

imageAny day now…

Sorry about the low light pic. It is cloudy, overcast, and raining off and on.

I know I just did a picture day thing, but didn’t want to save this beaut till I get around to another one.

As a side note I posted this from my phone. I’ll get caught up with technology… Any day now.  😸

21 thoughts on “Yep, Any Day Now

  1. When God’s kingdom is founded on Earth when Jesus returns the lighting will be persistently bright and you won’t have to worry anymore. πŸ™‚


  2. Why? What did you forget to do the first time?


  3. i wonder if they are the slightest bit concerned with ‘adding to the words of this book’ by putting words in the mouth of their god that he didn’t actually say…? (revelation being a MUCH later addition)


  4. Hope Jesus has the staying power to keep on keepin’ on until said person “comes”. It can take forever with some folks.


    • Heh, that made me think of that old Zappa tune Dynamo Hum. If you haven’t heard it, it’s gotta be out there somewhere in internet land.

      I happen to have a 40 dollar bill πŸ™‚ (If/when you hear it, you’ll get it)


  5. I like Zande’s “knock-knock Jesus joke.” The only appropriate response to your sign.


  6. This coming is taking a while to arrive


  7. Well, if Jesus is coming soon I sure hope he pulls out.


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