So I’m Watching The News Last Night

…and this ignorant ass story comes on about a guy who found a real live sign from god on his lawn. Now you should know the news ’round here almost always has some lame god bothering piece because, well, this is the south after all. But this one really stuck out like a sore pecker in a monastery.

This guy saw a rainbow, that was “apparently” touching his driveway. See here:


Now, that thar rainbow appears to me to be quite some distance from this guys yard, but let’s not let that ruin a sign from god.

Upon arriving home this guy (Eric) found an image of an angel holding a baby in his yard. See here:


Yes, yes I can see how everyone with an ounce of sense would interpret that as an angel holding a baby. Anyone who can’t see that must be some sort of baby eating atheist. I’m looking at you oh Divine One 😉

Now while this all seems a tad silly, and to be sure it is, but this is just the beginning of the story. Mr. Eric has a daughter that has had and I quote “several” miscarriages. Which in and of itself is quite tragic on a personal level, but let’s face it these things happen daily, and many people (even I) have been affected by this kind of purely natural event. I can relate, and I feel for anyone who has endured this kind of tragic loss. We find a way to cope.

But our good pal Eric? He took his daughter to some preacher to be prayed over, because every woman this guy has prayed over has had babies! That’s incredible folks! It’s almost like magic or something! Or perhaps it is a bit like praying for rain… Sooner or later you will get it right. Praying for something that is bound to happen eventually and claiming some sort of success is pretty damn cheesy if you ask me. And intellectually dishonest to boot.

I don’t know, it seems to me there are as many gods as there are religious people. Each and every person tries to interpret the world through the gods in their heads. This is surely evidence for that.

Just in case you think after such a long time with little or no posting from yours truly, and you thought just maybe I had to make something up to write about…








20 thoughts on “So I’m Watching The News Last Night

  1. That’s not a baby the angel’s holding, it’s a puppy, a Beagle puppy with two brown spots and one black one on its belly. ANYONE with working eyes and an IQ over 50 could see that. Maybe this bloke was blinded by the light of that rainbow on his driveway and he mistook what he saw. Damned religious a-holes! When will they learn to OPEN their friggin’ eyes?!


  2. Hi buddy
    Hope you didn’t try to kill yourself over Christmas because of some crazy relative or in law.
    After such a long time, you can make stories up and we will not take it badly.
    Religious people see their gods in every conceivable thing.

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    • It wasn’t so bad that a shot or two of 8 year old whisky couldn’t fix it. 🙂

      I couldnt make shit up like this if I tried. I mean having you daughter prayed over by some priest cuz he has had so much success in the past? It boggles my mind.

      …and yes every religious person seems to interpret their gods intent as it suits them. As long as it isn’t too far fetched, other religous people all nod their heads and agree. Funny club they have there. As in odd funny lol. But that same trait is what makes it kinda scary if you ask me. Like Stephen King scary.


  3. Why would you think we would make it up!? lol I was going to say you can’t make this stuff up, but then I thought, well in reality you can, but you don’t need to. This shit happens all the time.

    There is a reason why the Irish have a myth about finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, because it’s actually impossible to ever stand at the end of a rainbow. Seeing the refraction spectrum is a function of the angle of the observer to the angle the light is coming in. Once you move closer that angle changes, and the angle changes more rapidly as you approach the end where you observer. It’s possible that he saw it in his driveway but at that distance it would only persist for a few seconds. It would also have to be at least raining lightly. From the picture, it is definitely not raining. You can see it close if you spray a mist from a hose or something, but from rain, since the storm is in motion if you were to see a rainbow really close it just wouldn’t last for any significant period of time.

    Anyway, ridiculousness. I hope the daughter gets some real help for pregnancy troubles and doesn’t rely on prayer.

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    • I have seen a lot of rainbows in my day, and none of them were ever actually touching the ground in any real sense. Appearing to touch the ground in the distance, yes. But like you said, you can’t nail down the end of a rainbow. It moves relative to the weather that supports it, and relative to your perspective. Ive heard it said no two people see the same rainbow.

      Im sure this gal will get a pregnancy to take. Unless of course there is some medical cause, which would require a doctor rather than a preacher.

      Prayer as we know is nothing more than wishful thinking, often in some way that dodges actually doing something that might actually help. I swear if anyone tells me they will pray for me Ill tell them I take cash, checks, and money orders. As well as real shoulder to shoulder, getting hands dirty kind of help.

      If Im in need, your wishful thinking means squat.

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      • You know, after reading what we just covered here, rainbows are a pretty good analogy for what I wrote in this piece. The part about there being as many gods as there are religious people, and the fact that no two people see the same rainbow are similar in a way. Rainbows are as impossible to nail down as the gods, and both exist from the perspective of the viewer. Both defy a tangible occupation in reality, but yet only one of them can be shown to exist.

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  4. That’s crazy! You mean who are actively trying to become pregnant eventually DO get pregant?! What sorcery is this?!


    • Priest Enhanced Pregnancies or PEP for short. PEP’s have been ongoing since the first priest, I mean shaman, figured out he could get a chicken or a rabbit for his services.

      Religion at its bloody core. Have the fix for what ain’t broken, and fleece the gullible twits out of whatever hard earned excesses they may have on hand.

      How it is so difficult for people to see this, has been a question in my mind since I was 12.

      Good to see ya Ryan, haven’t seen much of ya lately 🙂

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      • I’ve been suffering from massive writer’s block! But I still try and peruse the feed to see what you and swarn and a few others are up to 🙂


        • I can relate! Ive been slower than an apologists pack mule, loaded down with rationalizations and excuses…

          I don’t know if it’s me or just a lack of material that provides that spark we need to set our keyboards on fire. It seems to come and go though, so I’m sure it’s just a low spot on the chart.

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  5. Strange shit happens in Mississippi. LOL


    • Indeed strange shit happens everywhere there is religion involved. This guy might as well have had a voodoo dr. rattle some chicken bones over his daughter, or had a penetecostal rev lay his magical hands upon her to cast out the evil demons. Either as meaningful as any other religious ritual. With religion the one thing that is always up front and obvious? The con is on.


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