Picture Day

It is high time I got off my butt and posted something. I have been meaning to post some pics, I’m always looking up because their is often cool stuff to see up there, I like nature too and get pics of critters when I can. Or if I just see something that interests me I try to get a pic of it. Let’s go.

First some interesting religion themed pics. The first one had some message they were trying to convey, but if you caught it at just the right time you got (“Hate Within”, cameras really do not like these digital signs):


This next one I just love. It is a church steeple, in a scrap yard!


Next up, one day after a strong storm moved through, this was the view of the clouds:


Spot the Buzzards!


This next one is a con trail that has decayed in a spiral fashion, I thought it was cool and got a pic.


Moon over a bean field.


This next one, the boys and IΒ were fishing when this flock of birds flew in the bay. They were making quite an audible fuss, splashing about and carrying on, kinda hard to see them, a lot of these pics were taken on an iphone.


The next two are similar cloud formations, the second one was atop a pretty nasty storm.



Spot the squirrel!


This next one is strange, look for the dark streak moving vertically from close to the taller tower. I’m still not sure what this was, but I think it has something to do with a decayed con trail that left a dark streak in the sky.


Spot the dead deer with an atypical rack! This was shot through the windshield of the car (obviously).


I was about to go into a Lowes when I looked up and saw this.


Spot the rattlesnake! This little guy may have been 18″ long or so, small but deadly.


This one was just an interesting cloud shot.


Finally a rainbow from the front porch. Oddly enough we didn’t even get any rain…


That’s it till next time. I hope this post finds you all well. πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Picture Day

  1. Great pics dude.
    I think the steeple in the junkyard is telling a message ; churches belong in the junkyard of history


    • Yes, the context of this steeples location could not be more appropriate. People need to grow up, and shed their imaginary friends. Childish belief belongs in the junkyard.


      • hope you have been well my friend


        • Been pretty good Mak. Still have a roof over our heads and the wolf hasn’t been at the door in a while.

          Did get some good news on my neighbor with cancer, he managed to get into some study at Vanderbilt (A large well known University, and H) They will be giving him the latest and the best medicine available and footing the bill to boot. Which is good. He was looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of 60K per treatment + 3-5 days in the H. If I was to become terminally ill, I couldn’t afford to get better. cancer treatment is for the very well insured, the wealthy, or the lucky bastards that get into a cancer study. I had no idea how bad it is. Eye opening.

          The latest news prior to getting in the study was they gave him 7 months. This has been a roller coaster ride, and I’m just the neighbor. I can’t imagine how the family is coping. With any luck the treatment he gets will help him.

          On a side note, doing some research, did you know that marijuana can cause tumor reductions (kidney cancer) from 30-50% and sometimes dry them up completely? I was dumbfounded. And helped my neighbor find some weed lol. So anyway, we are all pulling for the guy, and I think I see smoke from down the road. πŸ˜‰


          • That’s a lucky fellow.
            I think cancer treatment is expensive everywhere and it is those diseases you don’t wish for your enemy, especially if they are poor.
            I think more research ought to be done on medical marijuana and in the meantime restrictions on its growth and use lifted.
            I am doing well my friend. Can’t complain


  2. Awesome photos. And are you sure you were catching an unintended church message, or just a subliminal church message? πŸ˜‰


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