There Is No Such Thing As Transitional Fossils

Except for maybe this 4 legged snake.


Granted I only see one in this photo, but the information looks good.

This looks like an artists representation:



This pic shows a better look at the hind legs:


Then there are these, while there are some duh moments there from creationist sites, many are very good :

And these:

And these:

Let’s not forget this one:


13 thoughts on “There Is No Such Thing As Transitional Fossils

  1. Ken Ham is a transitional creature half way between a human and an imbecile. You can tell by the beard. It isn’t easy, but examined under a microscope, each of Ham’s beard hairs have written on them, “I’m with stupid” along with a small arrow pointing upward to Ken’s head.

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  2. Ham is a transitional fossil between homo ignorant and homo thinker


    • Wouldn’t surprise me if there was a homo thinker in his closet!

      The irony is we are all transitional fossils. Yet Ham can’t see what is looking back at him in the mirror. All he sees is his smug ass deluded self. And yet he can’t see that either.


  3. I love it!

    And of course there’s the warm blooded fish that was recently announced. And the umpteen gazillion microbial examples we have. Antimicrobial resistance is a prime example…changes in genotype lead to changes in a phenotype, which results in a “different” organism than the one that existed before.

    The denial and cognitive dissonance is strong with YEcs. “Yes organisms can mutate. Yes they can change physically in accordance to their changing environment. But that does NOT lead to novel organisms. Because Jesus.”



    • Hey Ryan 😃 Haven’t seen ya in a while. Hope all is well in your slice of reality.

      Yes there are so many examples it is ridiculous for them to continue to deny. Yet deny and lie is their trademark.

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  4. Aaron Ra, noted that with one particular transitional fossil even the ‘scientists’ on Answers in Genesis could not agree. One said it was too much like a fish to be a transitional fossil between a fish and amphibian. The other said it was too much like an amphibian to be a transitional fossil.


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