Oh My Gosh

I was looking at some pictures online of pre cambrian creatures for the heck of it, and I saw a picture that had some quote on it about evolution. It was obvious it was from some creationist site. Just for giggles I went there for a look see. I am still trying to wipe the stink of stupid from my computer screen. You know those kinds of places where seriously confused people pretend to be professionals. Where they have all the answers. Where real scientists are all engaged in some sort of global conspiracy to foist evolution upon the masses. Where projection and credential envy run rampant. This is one of those places.

I offer you:


Which is bad, but not head exploding bad, then I clicked a link that took me here:


Anyone who is likely to read this blog, I warn you to go here is putting everything you know and understand to the test of sanity. This place is like the Fox News of creationism. The black hole of buffoonery. The DI, the ICR, and AIG all rolled into one! I wanted to do a takedown on an article I saw there, but I am just too tired this afternoon to do so. If any of you are looking for blog material, this place is a jackpot!

Just leave some for me, ok?

Oh, whatever you do dear reader, do NOT click on the “baloney detector” link. Not unless you are a level 3 sceptic with super powers. I barely survived. It’s a good thing I left a trail of bread crumbs to follow back. Though I may be walking with a limp for a few days…




7 thoughts on “Oh My Gosh

  1. Oh my Zeus! You simply can not create shit like this. you can’t. No one would believe you. Reality is a parody of itself. Thanks for these links. I’m gonna mine ’em for material.


    • Just leave a little bit for me! πŸ™‚

      I suggest wearing some sort of harness, with a rope tied to your car bumper so you can find your way back to reality. That place is a shithole of stupid.

      I still have the limp this morning.


  2. “Escape to reality.” Talk about giant balls.

    But that still pales in comparison to “scientism” on that second site. It’s abundantly clear that whoever runs and contributes to that site totally misunderstands and misinterprets mainstream science.


    • At first I was like wtf? Who could be this stupid? Then I was like wtf? This would be hilarious except for the fact that people take this shit seriously. Then I was like wtf? Who is that crazy? Who is that detached from reality?

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  3. This is one temptation I will refuse. I don’t want to have to wipe my computer of stupid later


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