Oregon Woman Goes Through With Planned Suicide

Over at Mak’s blog Random Thoughts there was a recent discussion on the assissted suicide topic. It is here if anyone is interested:


I commented over there, and now that this woman has bravely faced death, I thought I’d write something on it myself. I read about this story at my satellite providers news home page here:


All I can say is I am glad that there are a few states where terminally ill people can go to face death on their own terms. If you are suffering needlessly with no possible future but more suffering, pain, and misery, then who in their right minds would object to one bravely meeting death as they would see fit? The religious of course. Here is a quote from a Janet Morana from a group called Priests For Life. “Our prayer is that these people will find the courage to live every day to the fullest until God calls them home. Brittany’s death was not a victory for a political cause. It was a tragedy, hastened by despair and aided by the culture of death invading our country.”

So, in other words if you are in immeasuable pain, agony, and misery, you should hang on as long as possible till you just die of whatever disease is inconveniencing you? Because Jebus? What kind of sick, twisted mentality is that? Culture of death? What the fuck is religion if not a cult of death? Every religion I know of only makes one real promise, that you will live for a blissful eternity if you would just drink the religion kool aid. But there is a catch, you have to die first. That is what rational people call a death cult. Then let’s talk for a moment about all of the death fomented by religion for the last 2000 years, and it is still happening today. If there is one thing religion is good at, it is the bringing of death. Then they have the audacity to ignore their own bloody history and complain about someone who has the gonads to face death on their own terms and end the suffering that only they must endure? I spit in the general direction of religion. Demented hypocrites all of them.

They are also “Saddened by the fact that this young woman gave up hope, and now our concern is for other people with terminal illnesses who may contemplate following her example.”

I am grateful that a few progressive thinking states have made it possible for people who are suffering from the agony of terminal disease to end the suffering, when they decide it is time. Only you, the person enduring the pain, really knows how bad it is. Only you will know when death becomes a beacon of relief. Only you can decide to face the inevitable with some dignity. The right to die and end needless suffering should be a constitutional amendment…and religion should S.T.F.U.

I regret that anyone would need to face this decision down, would not wish it upon anyone. For those however who have no choice and are in the unenviable position of having a terminal illness with no hope for recovery or relief, I would hope you have the same opportunity, and the courage, to seek the relief that only death can provide.

I salute you Britanny Maynard. I extend my sympathies, and my understanding to her family.



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