The Basis For Creation Science Revealed

Yes indeed folks, make up a bunch of nonsense, toss in some science-y words, add a colorful graph, and voila! You have what passes for gas, I mean meaningful, insightful, horse shit… I mean creation science.

Now add some demented misguided liars for jesus, with lab coats they bought at Wal-Mart, and a green screened lab to complete the illusion, I mean the scam, I mean, the clinically sterile cargo cult pseudo science known as… creation science.

Moral of the story…just because it looks all spiffy, with people in lab coats, and science sounding terminology, oh and graphs, does not mean it should be taken seriously. Mocked is the first word that springs to my mind.

I rather like that headline: Blinded by Non Science. Perfect.

5 thoughts on “The Basis For Creation Science Revealed

  1. I remember reading a study once that found that the average person is more likely to trust research that they find “interesting” or “better looking.” Some people will believe anything if it confirms their own biases.


    • Interesting I get. But better looking?

      Only the shallowest of minds…

      And yes, many are grasping for straws to confirm their suppositions. We have seen them nod affirming the lies from their authority figures. We have seen them deny reality. We have seen them invent their own cargo cult science to appease their deep thinkers.



  2. They are trying mate. They should be given a grade for effort


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