Quote Of The Month

This month’s quote is by yours truly.

God Damnit!

Mon night, well Sun. morn, the wife of Shelldiger reported to our local ER with severe abdominal pain. The next morn she was transferred to a much better regional H. Looks like an intestinal blockage/kink.

The treatment thus far has been cutting off all intake besides IV fluids, to eliminate pressure on the system. This is supposed to allow the kink to fix itself. If after several days (and the time is nearing) surgery will be required.

I expect by this time tomorrow night surgery it will be. I can assure you the wife is ready for this to be over. She has been receiving morphine and toridal (sp?) for pain. The ordeal very painful.

The Shelldigger has been sleeping on a hospital room chair thingy which can only be described as NOT comfortable. Every time sleep is allowed the DR ‘s and nurses show up for something. I am zombie.

My two boys at home are doing their best to take care of the critters, and themselves. Good to have some backup. Even if some prodding was required. Sometimes kids have to be reminded to put away their wants and desires when the world demands such. I hope this is a g rowing experience for them.

Anyway my posting is and will remain very light until things get ironed out. My friends who show up here, and who’s blogs I enjoy, please excuse my absence. I’ll g e t back when I can.

Posted with the wife’s Kindle, at least they have WiFi here! Please overlook formatting and or spelling issues.

2 thoughts on “Quote Of The Month

  1. Here’s to a quick recovery! Hang in there, man.


    • Thanks Ryan, looks a tad better this morn, they took out the vacuum tube and started clear liquids with a “walk down the hall” prescribed.

      The doc said it was still iffy, but we are hoping for the best.


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