Inspiration Strikes When You Least Expect It

I took up playing guitar when I was 16, have written and composed many songs through the years. Even have been involved in some recordings at a very well equipped studio. Over time you learn to recognize an inspiration when one sneaks up on you.

I was driving this morning, through the rain, on a road I travel frequently and there is this enormous field, must be at least 200 acres. It was a corn year in west Tennessee this year, more corn than I have seen since my last trip through Iowa. Anyway this enormous field had been recently harvested and the memory of the once proud field of corn stood in stark contrast to what the combine left behind, and this hit me.

I promise this won’t happen often 🙂 I doubt this effort would get a C- on a high school English project, at least it is short and sweet,  but here it is:


The Harvest

Only recently, so full of life.
Now barren and cold.
The measure of your bounty
counted, and sold.
Now you may slumber
through the dark winter’s cold.
As beside the fire,
tales of men are told.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration Strikes When You Least Expect It

  1. that is a good work of poetry. It would take me several years to come up with anything close to it


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