Fairy Circle

I was walking the d*g (I still don’t know why we even have a d*g I am cat people) and saw this fairy circle. Well, semi circle really, I assume on the day the spores were sent on their journey there was a mild westerly wind, spreading the spores to the east rather than in a nice circular pattern.


I am absolutely certain there was a wild fairy party there the night before. It is just that those crafty fairies removed every trace of evidence of having been there!

P.S. Yes, I know the lawn needs mowing. About the time I realized it needed mowing we had 2 days of rain followed by the last 6 days of oppressive heat. I am talking heat indexes ranging between 101 and 111 degrees F. Absolutely miserable conditions to even walk to the mailbox, let alone try to get anything done.

Yesterday evening I could no longer stand how dirty the car was and washed it (I do not use car washes, they are evil. Have you ever seen a car that frequents car washes?) It was 101 heat index at 5-0-clock in the afternoon. I looked like I had done the ALS ice bucket challenge, and was totally wiped out from the experience. Ain’t as young as I used to be…

2 thoughts on “Fairy Circle

  1. Those conditions as you describe are not any good for any meaningful manual work.
    I wash my car personally only once in a while. Most times I just get someone to wash it. I don’t like manual work it seems 😦 lazy me


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