Quote of the Month

In honor of Neil DeGrasse Tyson and the Cosmos series final episode. I feel like the new Cosmos complimented the old Cosmos very well. Adding a modern feel and understanding to the pioneering work of the first series. Much praise to both men who stamped their presence upon science and humanity. I raise my glass to NDT and Carl Sagan. Oh and a quote from NDT:


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Month

  1. I have watched a few episodes and I think it was done quite well. NDT has done a good job reviving cosmos


    • I would agree.

      At first there were many detractors, complaining of the cartoon sequences, and the Ship of the Imagination, I really had no issues with either as it was the subject material that captivated me.

      I do believe we will have to get the Cosmos CD pack. My kids were generally distracted with other things (being kids) while the series aired, I will strap them to the couch one or two episode at a time, for a week, till we go through the entire series. One way or another every kid needs to see this. For that matter every adult should see it as well. There will be a quiz!


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